Wyzecam Notification Lag?

I have an iphone that i use to view the live stream and also any playback.

I intentionally walked by the camera and noticed it took at least 10 seconds for my phone to give me a notification. This is after i opened up the wyze app from my iphone. I also put a passcode on my iphone like most people. I also have notifications set on. So these notifications are not instant? So there is always like at least a 10 second lag at least? Thus someone walks by, i don’t get notification immediately? Do i need to turn passcode for iphone on in order to get notification faster?

I have a 32gb micro sd card in it and set it recording at important as oppose to continous. Does this mean i get notification slower? So if i have it set this option, i cannot view like 3 minutes in a row even with view playback? Because it only shows 12 seconds every 300 seconds or 5 minutes?

The other issue is when i walked by the camera, i then went to check my phone and had to unlock passcode first. There was no notification. I had to click on wyze… then events… nothing was showing. I had to push the events down… then notice 2 events got recorded in the last 12 minutes or so which are 12 second clips. But why was the last event before this not shown? Those were like 8 minutes late at least. Such as if you push the events in wyzecam down to see if any update ones come up.


Do you have hardware decode on ?
from here:
Let’s start with what software decoding is and how it relates to the Wyze app. This is the default setting and uses your phone or tablet’s CPU or Central Processing Unit to decode your videos so that you can view them. However, phones are not as powerful as personal computers and sometimes struggle with decoding the videos quickly enough for us. This can lead to your device becoming warmer along with a slower or laggy video playback. The device you use will change how severe this is.

To combat this issue, manufacturers put chips called GPUs or Graphics Processing Units into your devices. When you use these video chips to decode your videos, you are using hardware decoding. Hardware decoding is faster but it doesn’t support as many file types. However, it will support the file types that we use! The trade-offs when using hardware decoding are that sometimes it can lead to compression artifacts in your videos that look a little weird (though this doesn’t happen to everyone) and it will use a bit more battery because you are using two chips instead of one.

We have a setting for Android users in the Wyze app so that you can try this out! You can switch back and forth so if you decide to experiment with hardware decoding you can always go back to using your software instead if you don’t like it. To enable hardware decoding, go over to your My Account tab and select App Settings. The only toggle on there is next to the label “Enable Hardware Decoder.” Toggle this to the right to use your GPU and toggle it to the left to use your CPU. Some people may not notice much of a difference but this can lead to significant change for others depending on the devices that you use.

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I have iphone not android. I saw the video but cannot find this option…

Okay so this lag seems to seem to last 2 minutes sometimes. How do i fix this issue with the iphone?

Okay so the main issue with these notifications is you won’t get an alert instantly right? But can you get it within say 10 seconds? Those that use iphone, how long until you get notification?

You Won’t get a notification , Instantly or in 10 seconds, Only Until the 12 second clip has time to upload, Which is 12 seconds , Besides that , several people including me have had Problems With notifications coming in 8 minutes or more Late

Hello @pauly2, as @HDRock said the notifications come in after 12 seconds has passed.

@HDRock, are you still experiencing this issue with late notifications?

Hdrock, so even if i have that micro sd card in it, i wont get a notification until at least 12 seconds?

So there is no way to fix this issue with it coming in many minutes late? If so, what is the purpose of this then?

What about that option with hardware decode. So that won’t fix it? So iphone users can’t do that and its only android?

I’m not positive but I do believe that the hardware decoder option is available, in the app No matter What OS You are running

Yes Sir I’ve tried Everything under the sun , have been working with support for a long time now , But yet I always get Notifications From my 2 blink cams as soon as Clips have uploaded,

What is your ISP lag?
I’ve seen many situations where I would send mail from my Gmail account to my ISP account and it would take 5 minutes.
I would not expect to get a notification from Wyze any quicker.
/edit - just for giggles I just did a test - it took 2.04 minutes on a fast network (50Mbps) from when i pressed send to when it showed up in my mailbox.
/edit i realize they are not using email

Okay so what is the quickest you can get notification? 12 seconds or so? But on average what about everyone else?

When you do notification, don’t you get the vibration sound on your iphone? That is how i get mine but many times it could be minutes afterwards or not even a vibration. Then when i check waze and click on events, then push the thing down, new events show up. Is that normal? So we have to do this each time in events? So new events do not automatically load up when clicking on it?

Just happened to see this post. Don’t know if this is a solution since I just did this a few minutes ago. I went through my phone settings and noticed some settings that might help. I changed the battery optimization for Wyze to non. I also set my internet restriction to none. Just look through your phone settings and whatever you think might restrict the performance one way or another, disable it. It might help. However, there is a wish list item already out there to have notifications be instant prior to recording and the notification to go straight to the live feed instead of recording.


do you use iphone or android?

Where are these options of battery optimization to non and internet restriction to none?

Okay so as of now, everyone wills a notification at best 12 seconds after the event right? Most ppl on average get notification 1 minute or 2 minute or longer? Obviously the shorter the better because that way, we can view the live stream after x amount of seconds.

Wait so Wyzecam is planning to make the notifications instant? Anyone know how long this would take? Also when did wyzecam officially come out? Because if this notification is instant, wouldn’t that make it one of the best cameras out there for the price point?

Ok, let’s take this one thing at a time.

I was looking at my phone settings and found three settings. This is just a suggestion. I don’t know if this will really help or not but it can’t hurt.

As for notification, it is in the wish list which you can vote for. I didn’t mean to say they were working on it but it has been suggested. Search the wish list for notification and you should find it. Hopefully they will work on it soon.

It IS the best camera out there for the price point IF you don’t get hung up on some required feature it does not support YET, such as Windows.

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I’ve been trying everything to get the notifications to show faster on my phone. S9 Latest Android.

If I leave my phone alone and don’t unlock it, I’ll get the notification alert 4 -6 min after the event has happened. If I unlock the phone, the notification shows up immediately, (I mean right after the 12 second to encode and upload).

I’ve disabled every battery saver option relating to the Wyze app. I’ve left he Wyze app ‘Open’ which is not hitting the back button but just the home button putting the main app into the background. This helps a little but still 3-5 min wait.

Not sure where to go from here, every other app I have on the phone receives push notifications instantly. I’m not sure why this app has such a hard time getting the notification.

For a while, I thought the app was actually polling the servers every 5-6 min for notifications because that’s how it’s acting.

Would really like to get this resolved. Does anyone have any ideas that I could try to reduce the notification delay?


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What you describe Is the same As the problem I have been having, Except sometimes Notifications Come Even later Then 6 minutes.
I receive notifications For everything else Instantly, including my other brand cameras .
I have been working with wyze For quite awhile now and so far No resolution .
You should send app logs to wyze by going to , Help and feedback , Report an issue .
Fill in a brief description and send it.
Everyone that is having this problem needs to report it , so they know how many people are Having The problem

The new Wyze PIR sensor may satisfy some of these complaints. I used to use the Wyze camera on my back deck to trigger the lights in the driveway using IFTTT. Sometimes it took a very long time for that chain of events to play out.

So I got a Tuya PIR sensor and set up an automation scene to turn the driveway lights on when the sensor triggers. It happens almost instantly.

If they fix this bug, would it be fixed for everyone or only those who send app log to wyze?

What i notice on my iphone was if i do not lock it with a passcode, i seem to get a notification close to right after the 12 seconds. Does anyone else have this as well? But if you put passcode, you don’t get notification until many minutes later.

Yes, that’s exactly what I noticed. I have an S9 and I think it has to do with the app itself. All the apps on my phone that need to receive push notifications instantly have a background process that is always running. You can see this in the battery logs for the all the apps on the device. The Wyze app uses zero background resources while all the others have a process running constantly. If that’s the case, I’d gladly trade off some battery time for instant notifications instead of the 5-8 minutes I have to wait for an alert.

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