Person Detection Notification Delay

While I agree that the Person Detection is a great step forward, I struggle with the notification delay. I’m using a Pan camera with an SD card. I’ve enabled Person Detection and it seems to work. However, I’m not happy with the time delay in getting a notification. There are times when a person detection event occurs, and I’m not notified until an hour later. That defeats the purpose of the person detection. Does anyone know what could be causing the notification delay?

I have no idea what the “purpose of person detection” really is, but it works for me to zoom in on a playback from continuous record versus all the shifting shadows and branches.

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Did you have notification delay before person detection was implement?
what device and operating system are you using?

There’s another thread about notification delay

@ gemniii Think of it this way. If you’re away and someone comes to your home, wouldn’t you want ot be notified immediately instead of an hour later?

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@ HDRock Thanks for the link. I’ve enable Hardware Decode to see if the lag improves.

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I am getting very late notifications and often no event recorded.

I am getting notications about 30% of the time and about 1 hour late.

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As most have noticed, this has not been fixed yet. I’m using an Android Pixel 2XL running Android version 10. I still have a problem with missing notifications, or, delays.