Notification Timing

Just received the Person Detection email. Currently it takes about 20 minutes from motion detection until I get a notice. Will the Person Detection feature or even Cam Plus shorten the notification time? Without more timely notifications, the cameras are merely toys.

All I can say is Android notification delay has been brought up 100’s of times in the past year on this forum and reddit and Wyze has yet to make any resonable comment beyond “we will look into that”. It appears that the Wyze app (unlike other apps) cannot deal with doze on later android versions and the phone simply does not wake up to tell you about the event.

So changing the cloud probably will not help you.

This is a wyze problem but rather than putting resources the fix it they just ignore it. Maybe they’ll offer a pay service that makes notifications work as they should, and how every other camera does.

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Thanks . When I first got the cameras, the notifications came in seconds. But with the extended time of current notifications, they really aren’t dependable for any security purposes, I’m surprised that anyone would subscribe to their subscription services.

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I use an Iphone and have both V2’s and WCO. i get all alerts in 30 seconds or less consistently. I don’t know if that indicates an android problem, but i can’t ask for better than i’m getting.

I’ve got an Android (Pixel 3 on Android 11), and I get notifications right away, within a few seconds.

If you’re on Android, there are data saver and battery saver options you can enable or disable on an app by app basis. I just made sure to not restrict Wyze’s background data or battery. I’ve had zero issues unless there was server maintenance going on.

The wyze notification problems are almost exclusively reported for android. And it is dependent on phone and OS version (10 and 11 being the most problematic). It has to do with doze there are no user changable battery or background setting that make a difference. There is an adb command which should disable doze but it probably has battery life implications.

I’m running Android 11 … maybe that is the problem. I will keep trying changing different settings. :frowning:

The battery life implications are minimal. The real drawback is you have to run the command every time you reboot the phone. There are numerous apps I have an issue with delayed notifications but a lot have found ways to bypass the ‘doze’ that Android implemented.

After reading all of the replies, I did some fine tuning and I am now getting notifications in seconds rather than 20 minutes. Thank you all for you help. :blush:


What ended up working for you?

I think this is less of a Wyze or general Android issue and more of a brand problem. You don’t find people with Pixels or Oneplus phones complaining. Mostly, people with Samsung and other Android phones with heavy OS changes with extra battery and app optimizations layered over “native” Android settings. I speak from experience because I had/have Samsung Galaxy S20, Pixel 3a XL and iPhone XS Max and of all of these phones, I had issues with notif. on the Galaxy. I’m sure folks can get things working, but you’ve got to dig into settings to do it. From now on I personally am just going to go with the iPhone and Pixel phones.

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My old OG Pixel had the problem and my 3a has it. The OG worked much better before android 10 but not after it updated. The 3a has had awful wyze notification since I got it.

The only way I have found to get it working is disabling ‘doze’ via an ADB command from a PC

I am running Android 11 on a Pixel 3XL. The cameras that I am using are the pan/zoom cameras that I have had outside for the last 18 months. I also have the Wyze outdoor camera that I haven’t learned to appreciate – the other 2 have more options. They should have used the pan/zoom for their outdoor camera.

I got one of the cameras to send quick notifications, but I am still working on the second… except for motion tracking, they are configured the same.