Notifications are 100% broken on Android

I’ve been using my wyze cam v2 for about a year. I’m using the app on a Galaxy S9+. At 1st, it seemed to work fine, but for many, many months now the notifications are just flat out broken. In the VERY best case scenario, it takes between 5-10 minutes to be notified of motion or a sound alarm. But very often it takes up to an HOUR to receive any notification. This is absolutely just not ok!
I’ve followed every guide that I can find to fix this; I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app, I’ve sync’d the time, I’ve taken the app off battery saving and sleep functions, I take my entire phone of battery restrictions. I’ve reinstalled firmware, restarted the cam. I’ve even setup iFTTT and its not better at all!

I’m at my wits end with this and am very ready to throw in the towel with this for a camera that actually works!


It’s mainly a android issue, and it could vary depending on the phone manufacturer. Just depends on how aggressive the battery preservation is. There are several threads about it on these forums. Wyze is aware of the issue and is working on it.

I have the Google pixel 4 xl and I disabled doze and my notifications are immediate. With doze enabled, there are other apps besides wyze that are affected.

Here’s 1 thread…


I am running v2s, WCOs and Sense devices with the Wyze app on a Galaxy S9+ also, but I don’t have notification problems. I wish I had answers… if I knew what was different, I could help. I think the OP’s problem has something to do with the Auto Optimization settings in Samsung’s Device Care (a glorified revamp of the infamous Qihoo 360).

I use Android’s do not disturb mode to avoid spam phone calls. Then I forget to disable do not disturb mode and wonder why I’m not receiving notifications.

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“Do not disturb” on my Samsung Galaxy only mutes the sound. The notifications are there when I open the screen.

I’m just pulling my hair out at this point. I’ve disabled battery saver, made sure Wyze is exempt from DOZE, made sure its never put to sleep, followed every guide I can find on wyze and Samsung notifications. Nothing works!
Very best case scenario, I can get it down to about 5 minutes delay. But I still get 20 minute - 1 hour delays.

Is there anyway to tell where the bottleneck is? I’ll get a notification at 4:30 that an alarm was triggered at 3:45. So it seems like the alarm is registered in the Wyze, but the app just doesn’t get the memo to send the notification. Would this be from the camera itself? Problems with my network? Wyze servers? Something else?

I also use “Do not disturb” in the night time, but I have wyze exempted from this to still get alarms… just an hour late.

Did you try using the adb command to disable doze, just turning off battery optimization is not enough. I know how frustrating it is to have the notification delay, but if you seriously want to get timely notifications, you’ll have to use the adb command.

How do you implement an adb command on android ??


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This may be a solution, but a bit extreme to fix a problem that none of my other smart device apps have?
I get instant notifications from nest, eufy, meross, gosund. All of them work all the time… Except Wyze.
I have everything disabled for power management, got background data / processing turned on… Followed every guide available, but the problem persists.
While the phone is active, instant notifications, but if its been idle for about 10 minutes, the problem returns. I’ve even modified the heartbeat down to 1 minute with Push Notification Fixer… Nothing…

Just some observations:

  1. This may be an Android 10 problem on Samsung devices, I noticed that some folks with older devices are not having this problem.

  2. The App naming change between stock and beta is causing a problem.
    No matter if you’re running the beta version “Wyzebeta” or “Wyze” Android 10 is using the same group of system settings for both, for example, you’re running Wyzebeta, wyze then releases the new app version and prompts you to update, after you update to the latest app, now called “Wyze”, the settings you created for “Wyzebeta” are now “associated” with “Wyze”.
    No matter which version you are using, Android 10 ignores any system management settings you make for the app, it’s like the App uses one set and the system another.
    Today I unintalled “Wysebeta” and whenever I went back to the Google play store and picked Wysebeta to leave the beta program (I wanted to install the stock version) Google play store crashed.
    I rebooted, deleted cache partion, still it crashed.
    After messing with it for a while, I managed to get to it via my apps / library and leave the beta program.
    I turned off “auto restore” in backup and restore to ensure a clean install and installed the latest public version… Guess what, all the system changes, I’d made for “Wyzebeta” were still there, now associated with the new “Wyze” app.
    This is not right, Android 10 should have treat it like a new app, with all its default power and battery settings, but it didn’t, somehow it still has everything disabled etc.
    This is where the problem is, when you uninstall either one, it’s never clearing out the system settings since they are not associated with that app only …I think?

Hi Everyone,

While I am still unable to fix this, I just wanted to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions, its much appreciated!

Still had a 45 minute delay this morning… :confused:

I just setup a new Pixel 4a last night, and hadn’t disabled doze yet, I get several wyze events when leaving for work. Once I got to work & unlocked the device, the notifications flooded in…I promptly disabled doze :slight_smile:

have u tried it yet? if not, need help?

Thanks for the update :+1:
I found that I need to re-disable idle every time after I restart the phone, but it seems to work.
I wonder why some apps notifications are not affected by this?

yes, unfortunately using the adb command does not survive a reboot. There must be something that Wyze is missing, I’m not sure, hopefully they’ll figure it out. I do know the issue does affect other apps besides wyze.

I hadn’t realised about needing to re-disable after every reboot, that may have been the issue. However, whatever it was seems to be gone now. I’m not sure if wyze fixed it in an update, but I am now getting notifications from wyze BEFORE ifft!

interesting, I’ll have to reboot & test!

I tested at lunch after rebooting, notifications are still very slow on my Pixel 4a, the odd thing is the Wyze lock notifications were much quicker, 1st time was 1-2 min, the 2nd test was under 30 sec.

I’ve just disabled doze again, where the notifications are nearly instant.

I’ve given up on Wyze. The notifications are still delayed unless you disable doze by adb, but then you have to remember to disable it again if you update or reboot your phone. Eufy and Ring are instant even when asleep for several hours and without touching the battery optimization settings. So it’s not an android thing, it’s Wyze’s issues that they can’t solve. Switch to Eufy or Reolink