Wyze Notification in 3 seconds

Sharing sample of detection and notification within 3 seconds.

I understand that this is not the case for some people. This is not to dispute their claims. I sympathize with their issues and hope that they get their issues resolved soon.

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Motion detection alerts can be fairly quick since all of the detection and triggers are decided completely locally from the camera itself, instead of going out to the Wyze servers for processing first. AI alerts (such as person detection) can be pretty slow though.

It is especially delayed on Android. For example, @spamoni4 has been testing this a lot lately and trying to understand why there is such a difference in time between iOS and Android devices, especially for AI alerts. The time should basically be the same regardless of the OS since all the processing is the same.

Because the AI delays alerts so much, Wyze is reportedly looking into whether some devices in the future can do some edge (local) AI processing, like pre-processing, so that it is quicker, then do a full analysis in the cloud. This would allow quicker alerts, and still allow the full power of the cloud AI as well. Who knows if that will ever happen, it was just something Wyze mentioned they were looking into (researching) at one point.

I sometimes use some cams set with just motion detection because the alerts are faster like this…it’s just frustrating that so many things set off the motion detection (light, bugs, leaves, plants, nothing, etc) that the alerts eventually get annoying and ignored because of so many that shouldn’t be alerts…then you reduce the sensitivity and start missing things you wish had been alerts. So there’s a balance to deciding whether motion alerts are worth the quicker notification for lots of things you won’t care about, or if more accuracy is worth the longer delay.

As someone who comes from the security and AI industry I understand the above. It’s the people who have unrealistic expectations that don’t. They think things should just magically work just because they want it to.

“Well other cameras have quick alerts, why can’t Wyze?” Without realizing or even try to understand that they’re comparing apples to oranges. Motion detection (pixel change) vs infrared (heat) sensors vs AI based image identification.

Wyze does have quick alerts as shown in the OP, which is based on the motion detection that the other cameras are using. If you want the AI that the other cameras don’t provide, that has to be processed and that takes (processing) time that’s done in the cloud.

These “consumer” cameras aren’t powerful enough to do them locally. At least, not yet. “Commercial” cameras from Hanwha, Sony, Panasonic, Axis, etc. have more powerful chipsets that can do more processing locally.

Yeah except that’s not true at all. Plenty of consumer grade cameras within a few dollars of Wyze have on-board local person detection. The V3 was a disappointment in that regard.

The Wyze V2 had on board/local person detection for a time when xnor.ai was a thing. That proboky would of stuck around but then xnor went their way and Wyze developed a server side replacement that stuck.

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There’s a big difference between “person detection” and AI person detection. Just saying.

Wyze didn’t cover their bases when they signed a contract with Xnor.AI. They should have required to keep existing licenses on already sold V2s in the event startup Xnor.AI was sold.

I imagine losing that license and the cost of developing its server version cost Wyze a lot.

I remember the discussion when Wyze lost the Xnor.AI license, and they announced they were developing a server-side version. That’s the first thing that crossed my mind; the notification lag.

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I don’t know anything about the business end of the Wyze/xnor contract details, I just know that for a short stretch the person detection processing was done with special firmware onboard the camera itself, before switching to the cloud side of things.

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You mean like the number of letters? :wink:

Seriously, where the processing takes place does not necessarily mean a thing regarding accuracy or thoroughness.

Quite true, the local AI detection on my Eufy cam is actually REALLY good at identifying people, and quick too. The Eufy cam Local AI Person Detection (processed on the cam) is pretty much just as accurate as the Wyze server side AI, but much faster. Almost immediate if I tell it to send the notification first and just add the thumbnail as soon as it’s available (which is only a second or 2 behind the initial notice anyway).

The benefit from the Wyze AI is the integration I get (for rules and automations) and ability to use it with other stuff, as well as being able to sort and search a little better, and have a few other things beside just motion, person, pet and crying detection (the only things Eufy can detect locally). I like and use both, and I have like 6 cam plus subscriptions that I like and use, but I do have to admit my Eufy cams’ person detection accuracy is fairly similar to Wyze’s despite being totally local and processed on the cam itself…just with way faster notifications.

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Pretty please, tell me Eufy now does Alexa person announcements? You can lie if you have to…

I just checked, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is there are no PD triggers for Alexa so far, but I just saw they are allowing motion detection or not detected for X amount of time triggers. I don’t think that was there the last time I checked almost a year ago…so maybe they are making improvements and it will be an option at some point. It shouldn’t take much more effort to add the PD trigger now since it’s also done locally just like the motion trigger. Maybe it will happen.

Maybe I just need a firmware update? Maybe that will enable it now. I will hold off on trying that just so that you have a shred of hope it might be possible…

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If I have to explain it to you then it may be fruitless. Not all “Video Analytics” to perform “person detection” uses AI.

Keep in mind too that what we were comparing here was the detection between Wyze and other products that trigger the (quick) alert, not the comparison of the old Wyze AI and the new Wyze AI, which seems to be what you’re referring to. The discussion has gone off topic so that’s where the confusion may be coming from. Please start a different thread for comparing old and new Wyze AI or AI discussion in general and we can continue that discussion there.

Sure, man. “You wouldn’t understand” is the last refuge of the the BSer. Not fooling anyone. :slight_smile:

Putting words in someone’s mouth is the defense of those who have no better argument. I said ‘may’ then I indicated the difference.

Did you understand the difference? If you did, great. If you didn’t then you just proved my point. :crazy_face:

Please stop. Person detection is a type of “AI”, which in itself is an amorphous and widely debated label. You have not contributed anything substantive. I pointed out that you were making a distinction without a difference - person detection vs. “AI person detection” - which was frankly nonsense for you to have asserted.

Since then you have not offered anything further to support or clarify the assertion. Wyze used local person detection with Xnor code and now does something similar in their “cloud” servers and renamed the tags “AI” in the app. Kindly stop subtracting clarity and mincing words.

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It’s clear that you did not dispute that you’re putting words in other people’s mouth (or posts in this case).

Also, just because you don’t understand the difference, as I indicated, it doesn’t mean I haven’t contributed anything. Your ability to comprehend is on you, not me. If you want me to expound on my statement on the difference, feel free to ask.

And as already mentioned, the topic is the difference on detection and notification speed between Wyze and other products and not old and new Wyze features. The fact that you keep going to the latter seems to show that you haven’t understood.

If you want to discuss (debate) AI, just say so. We can do so in a different thread as it is OT for this one.

Why do you always want a debate?

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Looks normally working whats your issue??? We see no issues with the video clips