Will notifications ever be any faster?

I am extensively testing the notification delay with Wyze Cam V2 and V3, along with my existing Arlo system. Both iOS and Android devices are being used in the tests.

Consistently, Arlo, with AI turned on, the notification arrives at both phones almost instantly.

With Wyze, with AI turned on, the notification to phones are delayed by 4-10 seconds.
With AI turned off, the notification lags by 3-5 seconds.

The Arlo is impressive with its quick notification, even with AI. The Wyze is disappointing with it’s consistently laggy notification.

By anyone’s knowledge, does Wyze have plans to improve the notification delay? I know it has been improved from the past, but a 4-10 second delay can make a big difference. Will it ever get better?


Maybe, but until they have a new camera with more on board smarts - not by a whole lot. As you may know, all the “AI” Wyze does is on their server (in the “cloud”) AFTER motion has been detected AND a clip uploaded. Even if they sent the clip after the first second of motion, you’re still looking at at LEAST 3 seconds, minimum, to get a notification.

There are other cameras like yours with local AI, which changes the equation significantly.

(The Wyze V2 used to have local AI until Apple screwed them over by cancelling the Xnor contract.)

Personally I’m really interested in a Frigate / Home Assistant setup for local central recognition and recording.

Oh, for motion-only notifications I don’t see any reason Wyze couldn’t get that down to 1-2 seconds with the existing gear…

I don’t know about the notification since I don’t really use them, but in my testing, I found Wyze to be slower in general for smart triggers as well. I used to use Wyze sense V1 to turn on lights in a couple areas and there would often be a few second delay. It would take at least a couple steps into the room before the lights came on, sometimes more, but when I tried some other brands of sensors, it was almost instantaneous. It was the same with both the Wyze Plugs and Wyze bulbs. At one point in testing, I had both Wyze bulbs/plugs and some other brands of smart bulbs and plugs triggered to turn on together with a motion sensor and the Wyze plugs and bulbs always lagged behind the others by a few seconds. I don’t know the reasons why, but something in the way Wyze implements their smart triggers just isn’t as fast as others. Even when asking Alexa to turn something on, the Wyze things took a bit longer than others.