V3 notifications delay

Hi Forum,

I have many v3 cameras installed (more than 30) and in different sites, with different internet links.

I even work installing home automation and security systems for customers and have installed over 600 Wyze cameras in over 2 years.

Until 2 months ago the v3 camera notifications (using Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite) were reaching the phone in 6 or 7 seconds.
Since the v3 Pro version came out, v3 camera notifications are delayed by 19 or 20 seconds. Is this a coincidence?

Has anyone else noticed this behavior ?

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I have not.

I just walked out to the garage and before I made it half way to the workbench (about 8 steps) my V3 detected a person, turned on the lights, announced on my Amazon Alexa Echo Dot and the notification arrived on my phone before I made it the rest of the way. All in all, between 5 and 7 seconds.

When I walk outside to my car, I have 3 cams that alert on my phone before I ever make it there. 5 seconds max.

Walk down the driveway and 3 more cams alert in about 5 seconds.

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V3 Pro practically immediate; V3, a step behind but seeing 5 sec


Thank you guys very much.

It strikes me that I am seeing this behavior in many cameras and different sites.

Following your comments, I am going to do more testing

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Since notifications are so very dependant on the InterWeb Super Highway, I would really be interested to learn how local\regional ISP and Cellular Provider speeds, throttling, prioritizing, routing, and distance to Wyze Servers affects the up\down time for triggers and notification deliveries.

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Iā€™m on AT&T (FirstNet) so high prioritization due to being on FirstNet. On a very weak cellular signal -100dBm or weaker.

Event to Notification 5.6 seconds

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I have the same issue but only on the cameras that I switched from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Lite.

Yeah the v3 notifications have been more laggy since the beginning of January 2023. A few other-branded cams near the same spots only have about a 2 second delay. Compared with an average of 5 to 8 seconds delay on my wyze cams, it seems to be a wyze or aws issue.