Wyze Cam v3 Slow Notifications

is there going to be an update on v3 for slow notifications? seems to be a problem looking at posts. I have 100 mbg internet service. my cam. is 10 feet away. currently 35-second delay. the speaker to talk function is not loud enough

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I am on 200MB Fiber service (the lowest possible) w\ a two node mesh network w\ cams at a considerable distance at the corners.

My V3 notifications average 5 to 8 seconds.

There are many other factors that determine notification latency. Two of the biggest are the age\type\architecture\routing your ISP is employing, and your distance from the Wyze servers. Others are the quality and age of your modem and WiFi Router or your cellular carrier’s coverage, speed and prioritization when you are away from the WiFi.


i havr 100 mbs with service provided router. would the wyze router help

I’m sure it would help w\ your local network keeping devices online and expanding network signal to your devices.

I have two in service having previously employed an Archer A6 w\ an extender. Best local connectivity I have had so far.

But, that is only your local network connectivity. It probably isn’t going to drastically improve your notification latency.

I am on 200Mb\s. But I am also on an all fiber optic ISP. My ISP is fiber optic door to door. If your ISP is using old copper DSL lines, or is a coax cable network, or some combination thereof; or if they are using legacy switching and routing infrastructure, you aren’t going to be able to fix their slowness.

broadband 100 mbs cam is very close

There were system-wide notification issues before, but now they seem to have been resolved. My notifications are fast, with sound detection notification on my V2 in the garage the fastest, usually beating my garage door opener notification.

If you’re looking for person notification with Cam Plus Lite, you would need to wait for the 12 second video to finish recording, upload to the cloud, have the Cloud AI analyze the video, then tag the video as Person detected, then send you a notification, which can probably take 30 seconds.

that explains it. maybe I should not have cam plus and just go with an sd card. thank you so very mutch

Having only SD card recording, you will not receive any notifications. Only cloud events trigger app push notifications.

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I have Cam Plus on all my cams set for AI notifications only and still have low notification latency.

CP video streams are interrogated by the server AI Bot upon receipt. CP Notification is sent upon positive AI identification. The vast majority of my notifications are received before the video upload has been completed.

Update: Edited to restrict explanation only to Cam Plus AI uploads.

With Cam Plus Lite Person Detection notification I believe you do need to wait for the 12s video to finish recording and upload but with Cam Plus you would not.

Are you saying your Person Detection notifications are taking 30+ seconds even though you have Cam Plus on your V3?

Update: Edited my post to clarify this is only for Person Detection notification.

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From what documentation are you deriving this belief?

I read a post somewhere about the difference between CP and CPL being that CP can begin AI detection immediately after motion is detected, but CPL would wait for the 12s video to be upload before doing so. If things have changed I would love to see some documentation from Wyze.

In my experience I have never received a Person Detection notification from my CPL cameras before the event recording is uploaded. Sound/Motion Detection notifications, but not Person Detection notification. One day I might do a test to prove this theory. I would think someone else has done this type of test before?

Update: Found the post and added it.

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And I am glad you did! Thank you. I don’t recall having read that last year. I bookmarked it though for future reference.

My understanding as to how these worked was wrong. I have edited my posts. You were right, CPL notifications wait until after the 12s upload is finished.

BTW… Noopur used to be a Wyze Team Member.


It’s so slow my driveway camera and Alexa tell me “person detected at driveway cam” after the person goes up my driveway in my backyard enters my garage n then I get the notification someone’s in my driveway like no duh they’re already inside thanks a lot Wyze

I had that problem until I got Cam Plus on my Front Porch Cam. Now it detects vehicle in the driveway and sends me notification before my Nest doorbell detects a person. Having Vehicle detection adds a lot in my case.

It’s because you have Cam Plus Unlimited! I only have Cam Plus on my front porch cam and Cam Plus Lite on the rest, so yeah, I can tell the difference between them… :sweat_smile:

So moral of the story is, get Cam Plus if you want your notifications to be faster. 15+ seconds is too slow for Person notification for the front door.

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