Lite vs cam plus notification speed difference?

I had a v3 that was using lite for a few weeks and I would receive person notifications about 15-20 seconds late…

When I added cam plus to this camera , I immediately started receiving my person notifications way quicker at around 7 seconds.

This camera has 3 bars of signal strength .

It’s been in the same place for 2 months now .

Not sure what changed but just wondering if anyone else has noticed this ?

Hi @Rulwiz - For Cam Plus Lite → Person Notifications are sent only after the 12s video is uploaded which is why you see the delay.

With Cam Plus → we don’t have to wait for video to be uploaded to process AI and that’s why you get faster notification.


Good to know . Thanks for the information

This is the first that I am hearing about this , it would be nice if Wyze would include that when you opt into cam plus lite .

As you know , notifications speed is VERY important. Especially for a person event notification.

I feel like Wyze should include this somewhere.

I had been using lite since it first rolled out at the turn of the year , and always wondered why the delay existed only for my devices using lite and not the paid cam plus subscription.

It’s not until now , some 11 months later that I am just now reading about it .

Just a thought…

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: