I Love Wyze cameras But

I have been a fan of the Wyze camera since the start. I own several. The V3 looks great but people are reporting connectivity issues. My biggest disappointment however is the time it takes to receive notification. I bought one of the Eufy 2k indoor cameras and the notifications take only 3-4 seconds. It takes almost a minute to get a notification from Wyze. This and the cloud based paid add on AI have me seriously considering changing brands. The new security system has peaked my interest though… So Im just not sure. I could get past the AI issue, but the length of time it takes to get a notification may just be the reason I leave Wyze. Does anyone have any idea if faster notifications are on the way?

I noticed this as well also having eufy 2k indoor. It’s awesome. I just use it to complement my setup and the quick notifications are a huge bonus.

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I have a Eufy 2k, several Wyze V2, and a new V3. I certainly can’t speak for others, but I haven’t had connectivity problems with the V3. I still think the overall video quality is better with the Eufy than Wyze, although it’s much closer with the new V3


Have both brands. Started off with Wyze exclusively, then saw a need for a more robust experience. Both have their purpose for my personal expectations. Wyze for casual viewing and Eufy for critical locations where image quality and full duration event capture comes with the purchase price. Both product brands I own are comparatively priced. Glad I found Wyze, but happier it led me to Eufy.