Detention delay

Why is it that whenever I get a notification from a motion alert, it take almost 15-30 seconds after the event occurred. By the time I get the alert the person is long gone. I have an excellent network and the camera is very close to a signal. I was reviews of other competitors and as soon as a person was in view it sent the notification in less than 3 seconds. Will there be a firmware update to address it. Also I have an echo show 8 and 5, and whenever I ask to see the camera it’s delayed by almost 30 seconds for it to show what’s happening live. This is so disappointing, because I love the wyze design and the since the developers passion for this product, but I hope many future updates address my concerns.

As the notification system is currently set up, a standard event records for 12 seconds (Cam Plus can be longer), then the clip is uploaded to the cloud. Once there, you are notified there is a clip to look at. That can take the time you mention.

If it is a Cam Plus recording, then it also has to be processed to identify Persons, Vehicles, Packages, etc. Then the event is labeled, and you are given a more specific notification.

However – There is a wishlist item that asks Wyze to change the system from a notification of a clip, to a notification of a live event. Then instead of taking you to a clip, the notification would always take you to live view.

Unfortunately, they are not currently working on this. The status of the wishlist item is still set to “maybe-later”

You can vote for that wishlist item here:


I would like to see that, too. Lately, notifications are coming to my phone about 30-45 seconds AFTER an event.