No Motion Notifications, Only "video recorded"

I am new to Wyze and trying to figure out the notifications. It seems that I am only being notified that a “motion event was recorded” rather than “motion was detected by X camera.” Is there something I am doing wrong?

The “motion event was recorded” takes at least 30+ seconds to hit my phone. I am debating on switching over from Blink to Wyze. I’m not convinced yet.

That’s how WYZE phrases the notification.
Even in the Nitifications settings it ssys;
Notify me when an event is recorded
above the types of detections.

Is it normal for it take 15-20+ seconds to be notified? By then the motion is gone and I’ll I have is a video

Consider yourself lucky to be notified at all.
“Notifications” have been unreliable for many people.
Just type “notifications” in the forum search bar.

I believe the notification is sent when the clip is finished uploading and ready to be viewed. If you have a slow upload speed from your service provider it could take longer.


What kind of viewing device and operating system/version are you using? I’m receiving camera name in notifications under Android and iOS:



I’d say about 15 seconds is pretty right on. Think an event triggers the 12 second clip, once the 12 seconds is over it gets uploaded to the servers and then a notif gets sent to you.


iOS on iPhone. It doesn’t say anything about motion detected. Just motion event recorded, click to see video…

Which version of iOS are you running? I can’t recreate your problem under iOS 9 and 13.

Are you running Wyze app version 2.11.41?

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Blink has the optional “Early Notification” setting to alert you as soon as motion is detected instead of after the video (of however long you have selected) is recorded.

Wyze does not currently have this option, so as @Omgitstony says, 15 - 30 sec is about right for a standard 12 sec Wyze motion event clip alert to hit.

So yeah, advantage Blink on this feature.

On iOS 10 & 12 I’m getting same as @Seapup - “Motion detected…”

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In iOS 10 & 12, do you have a Notification Preview setting? If so, what does a Wyze notification look like when you set Preview to “Never”?

If you add a PIR sensor to cover the same area as each camera (which is what I do) the notification pops up in a few seconds. I frequently have to wait for the video to load and refresh before I can view it.


Can you post a screen shot of what your seeing?

Excellent tip! Did not even think about that since I don’t have any Wyze sensors set up…yet… :slightly_smiling_face:

You should really give it a try assuming sense is stable for you. I have detection turned off for my camera and only use the motion sensor to trigger cloud events. For just today I have a total of 42 cloud events on my camera and all 42 were triggered by people. Also instead of a 5 min cool down between events the cooldown drops down to around 40 seconds assuming the motion has left the motion sensors field of view.

Before adding the motion sensor I would get at least 40 bug events at night and at least 40 false alerts from shadows/wind during the day. Now it pretty much is always a real heat source moving.


On iOS 13.6, you even get a thumbnail on the notification like Android notifications.

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What Wyze app version are you using?

Thanks for the tips. I was not on iOS 13.6 but will be soon :grinning:

Wyze app - 2.11.41

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Thank you for reaching out and being patient with us. :+1: