Delay to get event alerts

How long is the average lag time between event and actual alert being sent to the app/mobile device? It seems it is awfully long (Close to a min in some of my alerts) by which time any action taken may be too late.

By “event,” what are you referring to exactly? Recordings from motion events on the camera? The notifications for those aren’t sent until the event is over and the video has been uploaded to the servers, unfortunately. That generally means a minimum of at least 20 seconds, since the recordings are 12 seconds, then it needs to upload it, then Wyze’s servers need to send the notification.

The Wyze Sense motion sensors and contact sensors can send you immediate notifications, though. (Well, 1-2 seconds or so usually)

Seems to depend on Wyze servers (load?) at any given time.

I may receive notifications with almost no delay and sometimes it may take 5-10-15 minutes to get them.

Hello nerdland - Thanks for your response. Can you explain the last statement about Wyze sense sending a notification in a couple sec? Is that different from the 12 second clip? If so how do I set that up?

Do you have the Wyze Sense kit? If so, you can set up notifications in the app based on those. The sensor notifications are pretty much instant. You can also set the sensors to trigger 12-second recordings if you want.

If you don’t have the Wyze Sense starter kit, you’d need to get that first. Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze

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I think what they are saying here, if I understand right, is that the camera has delay while it records, uploads and sends. The sensor sends the notification but all it does beyond that is to tell the camera to record and upload. Also no cool off period in the sensor like there is in the cam.

Yes, the camera definitely has a delay while it records, uploads, and sends. Notifications aren’t sent until AFTER that. That’s how it’s designed, unfortunately. I was just trying to offer a suggestion that WOULD allow for immediate notifications. If you wanted to use the Wyze Sense kit, you could expand the camera’s basic functionality a bit. The sensor can immediately send a notification and/or trigger recordings, if you’d like to set it up that way.

There is actually a one minute cooldown between detections on the motion sensor. :slight_smile:

That’s my bad. I knew that and was just sloppy in my response. :zipper_mouth_face:

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There is also some battery usage stuff that holds notifications untill you use your phone. I haven’t quite nailed it down but sometimes I get a whole host of notifications all at once when I access my phone.

No worries. I am often a victim of my own haste in replying at times. :slight_smile:

@Omgitstony - I’m curious about the battery issues. Are you on IOS or Android?

That sounds like it would be specific to your phone. That’s not like a Wyze “feature.”

I know on Android there is an inherent doze ‘feature’ that when your phone has not been used for a bit stops allowing notifications in. When I get up in the morning and look at my phone I get barraged with notifications from the night.

I would assume that could be enabled or disabled. But I’m not an Android user.

No currently there is no way to disable it

This is what I was referring to. I thought it was a feature to save battery, but must of worded it wrong in my above post as it is more of an os feature. I am on Android. @nerdland @tomp

Only similar thing on IOS I know of is the Do Not Disturb feature which can be scheduled basically to mute notifications but still send them to your phone.

Adding an app to the list of power saving exclusions might fix that.

From the little research I have done this is different from the do not disturb feature where you can allow apps through or turn off completely. They seem to call this ‘doze’ and it does it automatically and there is no easy way to bypass or turn it off.