Delay between event and alert clip recording

I have tested and retested and am pretty frustrated with the lag between when a triggering event occurs and when the alert recording starts. I would like to do what seems incredibly simple: record the vehicles that pass slowly in front of my house and anybody that comes onto the porch. I have yet to catch a single recording of myself testing (at least 20 tests so far) by walking in frame for 20-30 seconds or of my postman who walks in frame from the right, onto the porch, then out of frame to the left. I have excluded the 5min cooldown period by making sure my tests begin more than 7 min since the last alert. I watch the timestamp on the live feed as I test and then wait for the alert clip and compare the timestamp of what is recorded. There is an average of 2 min lag before the notification appears but the timestamp lag averages 30 seconds. I have similar lag times at all 3 sensitivity settings. I have the latest firmware and iOS app. My hope would be for no more than a 1-3 second lag so I can have some clue what triggered the alert. What can I do to reduce the timestamp lag to something more usable?

Hi All,

Until about 2 or 3 weeks ago notifications after events came through reasonably quickly, between 5 and 20 seconds after the end of the 12 second motion detection.

However these times have ballooned out dramatically, The lag isn’t always as extreme and does vary and sometimes the lag is similar to what it once was (i.e. 5 to 20 seconds).

However these are a smattering of the lag times that I’ve experienced during the past week or so:
7 minutes
10 minutes
7 minutes
6 minutes
4 minutes
3 minutes
8 minutes
3 minutes
10 minutes
12 minutes
19 minutes
4 minutes
44 minutes (yes, that’s 44 minutes).

While sometimes the lag is less than a minute the superb times of a month or more ago are no longer the norm.

Why I wonder? A large increase in the number of Wyze notifications? Insufficient storage in the cloud?

Nothing has changed in my environment apart from recent updates to the Wyze Android app.

Again I’d be interested in hearing from anyone else that’s noticed a large jump in the lag time between event and notification.


Paul R

Hi Paul. I have had only a single V2 cam installed outside our home front door and it’s been there for over 5 months. My event notifications seemed prompt initially. However, coincidentally after when I first setup a “rule” 6 weeks ago to disable alerts during late night, which clearly did’t work, my event alerts don’t come on time consistently! Case in point was yesterday (Sunday) when I stepped outside to arrange some Xmas decoration. The app notified me well after 2-3 minutes. (I have not bothered for exact timings.) Honestly, I am disappointed as the delay makes the alert meaningless.

I wonder if the firmware and app couldn’t be set up in such a way that when the camera detects motion or sound it notifies you immediately even if the 12 second clip hasn’t finished recording yet?

This would let you know something’s going on and you could either immediately open the live view or wait for the 12 second clip to finish recording then watch it right away.

I just walked infront of my wyze cam and recieved the notofication 5 minutes later…has a fix for this been found yet?

I didn’t setup to receive notifications, so I can’t comment on that.
The two V2s that I have seemed to start recording pretty promptly but the two outdoor ones are not good, one of them especially because it is positioned right above and in the middle of the garage doors, I walk accross the driveway right in front of it frequetly, it always only catch the last one or two seconds of me and last two seconds of my car when my car comes into the garage for the 12-second recording, so it is 10 seconds lagging behinds the trigger point.

I am having the same issue but never see a response on here or from
Wyze on solving the issue. one of the down falls of their system for sure.

I’m getting my notifications within a couple minutes, but the actual event videos are taking hours to send. I got home almost 2 hours ago and I still haven’t gotten the video of me walking to the door or checking the mail.

That can’t be normal. Also, the video of me leaving for work (which, again, took 2 hours to send to my phone) disappeared after I watched it. I didn’t delete it. It just isn’t on my Events page anymore. Do I have some kind of settings mistake?

Edit: Got it solved, I think. My settings were for all the fine tuning (vehicle, person, package) and I just wanted motion.