Notification doesn't match the thumbnail - delayed event by 5-10sec

Just recently started experiencing this issue, though I’ve only had these Wyze v2 cams for a week or so.


Event notification is sent stating Motion was detected.
The thumbnail clearly shows a person in the frame, however when I view the 12sec captured clip, there is no person visible. Time stamp says 1:00:00 - 12
When I go into the SD card view playback, and view that same time, either the person appears then, or appears before or after that event notification time.

So it appears that the camera is correctly picking up sound, motion, person detection but now the event clips that are being captured, don’t accurately record the correct 12sec time even when the thumbnail correctly shows what triggered the event.

I could handle the fact there is now a 5min lag between other notifications, so long as the event notifications that were being triggered were actually correct. Now you have to go into the playback, and scroll somewhere around the time the event was triggered to even see what was happening.

Does anyone else experience this? Any solutions?

Let me know if you have any questions.