2 notifications for event

Been getting this for a while now. I’ve seen it mentioned before, but can’t seem to see how to fix it. Funny enough captured both events as I was looking at my notification settings. Any ideas? This is a Cam v3 pro and firmware updated.

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Interesting thing to note: One shows a thumbnail, the other doesn’t. Is it always like this?

I am thinking Wyze is trying to send you a notification ASAP as soon as motion is detected to notify you ASAP, then updating it afterward as soon as the person is detected. Though it should update the original notification only and not send 2. That is a little strange.


Yeah I noticed the same. The capitalization is slightly different too which makes me think something triggers each separately - “Video” and “video”. It only happens with the Cam V3 pro, and has been doing it mostly since I got it months ago…just had no time to solve.


Any thoughts from the Wyze team?

I have the same issue .
any fix yet ?