Getting both Complete Motion notifications AND Wyze AI notifications

For the past few months I’ve been getting both Complete Motion notifications AND Wyze AI Notifications (Cam Plus) at the same time even though I have all notifications turned off and only have AI notifications checked. It’s quite annoying and no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to help. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I am sorry this is happening, could you let me know what firmware version that camera is running?

Yes, there are 3 of them all running

I can also add that while I get both notifications, it seems like what it is doing is sending me the Complete Motion notification first (even though that’s turned off) and then it looks like the “Smart detection events” registers and takes the place of the Complete Motion notification. But I get both notifications for the same “event” if that makes sense.

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I will send this up to the team and have it looked into.

Could you also submit a log for this and let me know the log number?

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Of course. Log ID: 999883

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I’m getting the same thing. V3 pro with Log is 1004388.

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Would love any progress updates made on this issue. Thanks.

A beta for v3 Pro was released yesterday, hopefully that will help with this issue, I am still watching the feedback.

It’s may 20th and this issue is still happening. Always get complete motion notification immediately followed by some other notification like a person detected.

As of today this issue is now fixed for the V3 Pro……

I am also encountering this problem with the V3 and as of today it has not been fixed. It only happens on one of my cameras though, not both.