Complete Motion Detected Notification

My Wyze Pan Cam notifications now just say “complete motion detected” instead of “person, pet, etc” like it always has. I pay 100 bucks a years for intelligent AI detection for 5 cameras. 3 version 3 which seem to work still and 2 pan cams which no longer work.

Can you post a Picture of where you are seeing this?

I would the following:

  • Start the Live Stream of your Camera and go to settings
  • Go to Notifications and turn off all settings on this menu then Back out one menu
  • Go to Event Recording, Smart Detection and turn off all options there (if any)
  • Back out to Event Recordings and turn off Detects Motion and Back out.

This will ensure everything is set back to a base, There used to be some issues with the toggles not reflecting correct settings. Now…

  • Go into Event Recording and Turn on Detects Motion
  • Go into Smart Detection and turn on the AI Events you would like to see
  • Back out to the Settings Page
  • Go into Notifications Turn on Notifications (if you want)
  • Turn on Wyze AI Events followed by each AI event you would like to be notified of (assuming you have these options).

Please let us know if this helps


I appreciate the reply. I got it fixed. The AI Event notification options weren’t available for me to turn on until I shut all notifications off and turned them back on. Now I see the options. These options are only available on my Wyze cam pan v1 camera. My Wyze cam v3 cameras do not have that option despite turning off and on notifications, but like I said, they have always worked fine. It was just the v1 cameras that stopped working. Now all notifications say the proper event. Thank you.


They are in the process of adding it back to the v3. They are working hard on the AI processing and will hopefully bring it back soon.

Glad it worked out for you.

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All my cam plus cameras [3] stopped working as expected….; started getting “ complete motion” messages…… followed suggestions but nothing works…. The smart feature options are now greyed out and I get pop up screen to “buy cam plus “ which I already have !1

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@Luke91577 I have a question. It may be off-topic… perhaps you can help me receive the true answer.

Since you also own one or more Wyze Cam Pan, most likely assigned to Cam Plus - correct? Could you please clarify to me what is the length of any of the triggered events, it is as long as there are movements in front of the camera or only (11-12 seconds, just like not having a Cam Plus subscription)? Also, is there cooldown duration settings in between triggered events? Is either of those adjustable on the Cam Pan?

Thank you in advance for sharing your insight.

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What does your services page say when you look the camera up on the cam plus page? when was the last time you restarted the cameras? What types of cameras are you using, and what firmware versions are on the cameras? Did you do anything around the time that the change occurred? updated a firmware? updated an app? Any screen shots you have also will assist. Thanks!

I followed standard , recommended advise and in the all’s well
Thank you

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What did you determine was the issue and how did you fix?? Asking for anyone else reading this post and is experiencing your same or similar situation and refer to this post can know the exact steps to figure it out. Thanks in advance!

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As always , ensured software and firmware was up to date.
After reading many recommendation on user site and getting a response from WYZE WIZARDS , I turned off all notifications and events settings and then reinitiated them one camera at a time…Also power cycled cameras. Note sure if something else was happening on Wyze end … I did this several times and in the third attempt … Everything returned to normal.
( What I thought initially was a problem … " Complete event recording vs person, motion etc was simply the CAM PLUS camera way of reporting event ) … What was my problem… I couldn’t select what events ( Person, package etc etc ) I wanted notifications. That issue was resolved via the above mentioned process.


Cam v3 was working fine until today. Have Cam Plus applied that is active. Today received firmware update notification to Now have same issue - popup screen saying to buy cam plus. and only see Complete Motion Detected notification. I’ve followed the suggested steps here with no joy.

It would be nice to see an update on this issue since this is still happening. I purchased 2 Wyze Cam v3 Pros and I am now being inundated with “Complete Motion Detected” notifications. I get these in conjuction with person/pet notifications and it is driving me to the brink of insanity. Wyze please get this fixed.

I have updated FW on cameras and followed the steps outlined in the beginnning of this post. Following this process fixed this issue for about 45 minutes. Then the issue started happening again.

I am on a call with Wyze support and submitted a Log with LogID 862143

I am seeing the same issue on my V3 Pros. Did you get it resolved?

Same here. Between settings not working as epected, settings being reset after updates, and now this, who can actually use these cameras for ANYTHING useful? My car has been stolen twice, motorcycles attempted stolen, and I can’t use these cameras.

Dd you get a resolution to this issue?

This is off topic but I can’t figure out how to reach Wyze for this. I have a Wyze pan cam and a Wyze doorbell pro. I have purchased a year subscription for cam plus 3 times! It only shows 1 subscription which I have with the doorbell. Why can’t I access either of my other two to assign to them pan cam? I’ve been trying to figure this out for months!

Im also having this issue now, i have the plus service, half the time it just says complete motion detected, the other half of the time its not even detecting anything, Front cam wont detect people, back camera stopped detecting any sound, both will randomly say complete motion. both on firmware

What camera type? V2, V3, V3 Pro etc?

Wyze v3

These are my Event Recording Settings & Notification Settings for my V3 with Cam Plus. Post your settings!