Cam plus stopped recording

About two weeks ago all my cameras but one quit recording events. Yesterday when I did the firmware update now none of them are recording a Events . I have four cameras with a cam plus subscription on each. I have done the factory set up, reset and cleared cache. Nothing is working to record events. On top of that I ordered a new camera and it will not let me add the device during set up because I keep getting a connection timed out. I have reset my router as well. Has anyone else had similar issues and if is there something going on that they are working on? I have reached out to customer service and also submitted the logs and ran the test they suggested.

Welcome to the community @sherrylkeen . I am a community member as well who volunteered to help out in the forums.

In the past when I experienced a similar issue, I found that I had to reset the toggles in the settings area when I performed a Firmware and/or App update.

Here is a link of steps you can try (Event Recording Issues):

As for the Add Device issue, Can you provide the following:

  1. Ticket Number
  2. Log Number
  3. App Version you are using
  4. If possible, The Firmware version of the camera you are using. If you have it from when you submitted a log.

A couple of things to try as well.

  • In the App, Clear your Cache again, then log out of the App. Restart your device and then log back in and see.
  • Uninstall the App restart the device and then install the app again and try
  • Try a different device.

One of the things I noticed with iOS is that the toggle for “Local Network” needs to be set for the App in the settings area.

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Any luck? I’ve tried everything