Latest App Update - No Event Recordings

Trying to get help… with the last Android app update v2.13.118, my event recordings no longer work. This is frustrating because I am paying for CAM Plus service but only one out of my three cameras has ever worked and now that one doesn’t work either. Any troubleshooting suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I’ve already restarted each camera, changed the sensitivity of motion detection, and confirmed event recording is enabled on each camera. Tried to open a submit request and all i get is a chat-bot.

When you say they no longer work do you mean you do not have any or are you getting an error?

I have not had any events since my phone updated the app.

I have a Cam Pan and two Cam V2s.

First thing I would try is removing the CamPlus licenses from the cameras. I would then reboot the phone and go into the app and reactivate the licenses. See if that changes anything.

Thank you. I ended up going outside and unplugging all three cameras. Left it for a minute or two and then powered them back on. That seemed to do the trick. All three are showing events now. Wish i would have tried that sooner.

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Glad you got it working

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This is why POE is better, you do not have to bring out a 36ft ladder