Event Recordings Stopped after Subscribing to Cam Plus

Since subscribing to Cam Plus, I cannot get any event recordings at all.

I have a pan/scan cam and recently subscribed to Cam Plus.
I assigned the subscription to the pan/scan camera but did not get any event recordings the next few days. None.
I made sure my phone app and camera firmware are the latest.
I rebooted the camera.
I unassigned and re-assigned the cam plus subscription to the pan/scan camera.
I also left the cam plus subscription unassigned and did not even get any 12 second limited event recordings.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have for me to try to get event recordings to work again.

I get numerous events being recorded and notifications. So below are screen shots of my settings for you to compare agains.

Under event recording in the Settings area, make sure the Detects motion is selected

In the notification area, make sure you have Notifications selected and Wyze AI Events selected for CamPlus

The Bell at the Top right, make sure it does not have Zzz in it. This will stop notifications but not necessarily events from being recored

Go to the Accounts area then Push Notifications and make sure your Push Notifications toggle button is selected.

Under Accounts / Services / CamPlus: Makr sure you have at least one of the options selected for notification purposes.


Thanks for the detailed info. I’ve confirmed I’m compliant with all of these settings.
I just re-applied the Cam Plus subscription to my Pan/Scan camera and will see if I get any event recordings today.

Just as further info, if I view the live camera, I can see it put green boxes around a bit of motion in the frame, the camera will pan a bit, then return to it’s home position.

Thanks again, I’ll update my results again later today.

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When you look for recordings on the event tab, do you have any filters applied?


Good point, forgot to mention that. Always best to make sure all filters are cleared including the selected Camera.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I did not have any filters applied when looking for events on the event tab.
I have begun an email exchange with support.

I’ve done a factory reset on the camera and now it will not connect to my home wifi network.
I’m taking one step forward and two steps back :slight_smile:

I’ve informed them of this status and I’ll wait to see what they suggest now.

After a few attempts and letting the camera sit unplugged for a few hours, I was finally able to get it to connect to my home wi-fi.
And I do believe that event recording is working again even with the Cam Plus subscription applied to the camera.
It shouldn’t be this hard but I certainly appreciate the user community helping me out!

I had a similar experience recently when I changed the password of my Wifi. Without going into the depressing details, I feel that Wyze would be better off refining their firmware on their Wyze Cams and plugs ( used for Home Security) before spending their resources on giving us low-cost life-style smart appliances. Between first encountering the problems when I had to reset the Wyze plugs and finally getting them to work, I had replaced them with TP-Link mini-plugs (as I have good experiences with TP-Link smart switches and their Gen 1 plugs).
The reason I didn’t give up was because I combine a Wyze sensor (a gift) with my Wyze plugs to run certain dumb appliances periodically during the day. The Wyze Sensor is simple and compact and worked well for for that purpose. Unfortunately, getting different smart home devices to work together only work well when you have device from the same manufacturer, and I am uncomfortable with using IFTTT which uses a business model of free service and profits from selling user info!
Don’t get too excited about the Wyze Sensor, I was told by Wyze’s Tech Support that they have stopped selling them as a standalone device. It will now only be bought with their Home Monitoring Service. On top of that, my application requires some work-around.