Wyze Cam Plus no longer captures Person events since subscribing

I’m a new owner of a Wyze Cam v3. During my Wyze Cam Plus trial period, Events worked fine: It would capture Person and Motion events and notify me about Person events, It would also capture people walking up to my door and walking away.

Since the very day I paid for a Cam Plus subscription, the Events feature no longer records Person events, only Motion events. Motion events also start late, so I get a video of someone walking away from my door, but not walking up to it.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? How did you solve it?


My situation is similar. I purchased Cam Plus 2 days ago for the Cam Pan and it worked for 2hours and then everything stopped. No events get recorded and I get no notifications. I can still view the camera but no events.

@jjflash Welcome back! :slightly_smiling_face:

When I first subscribed to Cam Plus I had a similar experience. Power cycling the camera with Cam Plus restored my event clips and notifications. Also, make sure the app & FW are up to date.
If this issue persists, I recommend starting a support ticket.

Similar problem here. I have 3 v2’s and just recently I set up the third cam that I’ve had for months, but stored away. Once I set it up, I was automatically subscribed to the Cam+ trial for the newly set up camera. After the trial ended, I lost all previous events from ALL cameras and it doesn’t show any new events either. This happened a few months ago and eventually cleared itself up, but it happened again. This time I was hoping to check footage because I believe someone was in my mailbox. I have a motion sensor in there and it detected motion when the mail came, and about a half hour later, the motion sensor went off again. Later when I got the mail, there was an opened envelope with a check inside and it was taken out and put back in backwards. It doesn’t match the image scan I got from the post office earlier in the day, so it had been tampered with sometime between the morning scan and when I eventually got the mail later in the day. I just want to check footage to see what happened, but the events list is empty for all of my cams.

Everything as far as firmware and app software is up to date. I am currently enrolled in the beta program. I will restart my cams. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the app…at least not yet.

Just wanted to provide awareness that there is a bug somewhere. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the trial, firmware, or software. I will be getting V3 at some point soon, and I’m hoping to not lose footage again.

Edit: OK, restarted all cams and also cleared all event filters and reset to show all of my cams. I think it was the filters. It appears that the Cam+ trial sets the Person filter to ON, but once the trial is over, the filters are still set to Cam+ only options and ends up blocking all events. Before, the Person filter was still selected, but now that I’ve cleared the filters, the Person filter has a lock icon on it.

My camera is very remote (out of state) so it took a while to have someone power cycle it for me, however, that definitely fixed the issue. Thanks for the hint!


I had a similar problem.
Once my free trial of Cam Plus expired, my event recordings did not show up.
After restarting, resetting and re-powering up my cameras, nothing changed.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall the App, now everything seems to be working fine.

Same situation here. I used Person Detection Pilot from the beginning. I finally decided to subscribe to CamPlus for 4 cameras and paid for 1 year up front. 2 days later only intermittent events are detected and I get ZERO notifications for anything. I have checked all settings, restarted and power-cycled all cams multiple times. No change. I started a support ticket 3 days ago and no reply yet. I’m ready to cancel and get rid of them. They used to work great, but since subscribing, have been unreliable and useless.

@Dirtflash009 @turbocrow Just make sure to clear all filters on the event screen before resetting them. I think that was my problem. It still had filters set that were related to CAM+, but since my trial expired, it still had the cam+ filters set. Clearing the filters and re-setting them did the trick.

Update - The power cycle of the camera worked for 3 days and now I’m back to no recorded events and or notifications. Very disappointing!

Will do. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared their feedback and suggestions. So far I’ve:

  • Power cycled the camera (at least three times)
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my Android phone
  • Cleared the filters on the app

The issue with the camera only capturing people as they were walking away resolved itself early on—I’m guessing it was a problem with Wyze’s servers that’s been resolved.

I’m still not getting anything on Person events. Motion events show up, but they capture a lot of stuff, including cars at night that turn around near my driveway and their headlights hit my detection zone, my cat, etc. But if I select the Person filter, I’m told there’s “Nothing to see here” for every day.