Cam Plus Events not capturing on one v3 camera

I have Cam Plus on 2 v3 cameras. About a week ago, one of them suddenly stopped capturing on Cam Plus events. It captures motion fine on SD card, but nothing in Events. I have removed Cam Plus from the camera, added it back. Adjusted the motion sensitivity. Still not capturing in Events. I know no settings were changed when this started because we were on vacation and Not accessing the cameras while away. What to do?

If you haven’t already, please test the camera that isn’t capturing events. Walk in front of it. Wave your arms. Make sure you are smack dab in the middle of it’s focus. Then see if it captured your actions as an event. And you are talking about capturing events and not about notifications. Right? Please let us know the results.

Wyze cams sometimes seem to get their settings reset. Please check in the Event Recording page and Notifications page if the settings are right.

PCHearn and KyGuy2002 - thanks for your responses. I did everything you both mentioned before posting this. None of that registered a change.
I did go ahead and completely power down (unplugged) the unit and replugged it, and it finally connected again with CamPlus. I agree with KyGuy2002 that Wyze “sometimes seems to get things reset”…seems to be a weak point of Wyze (among others). Really starting to realize what others have said for a long time about Wyze - great as a gadget, not reliable as a security device.
Thanks all!