Wyze Cam v3 (with Cam Plus) not consistently recording

I have Cam Plus on a Wyze v3 camera, and despite pushing the motion detection sensitivity up to 100, I can’t seem to get the camera to record activity consistently. Sometimes it records a 2 minute clip, but then stops suddenly, even though there is lots of movement within the motion zones.

Has anyone experienced this and per chance have any tips to offer? I feel like paying for Cam Plus isn’t paying off right now.

I inserted an SD card and it does capture events in full it seems. So the camera seems to be detecting the motion… but it won’t upload to the cloud like it’s supposed to.

My internet is fiber, no bandwidth issues whatsoever. Cam plus is definitely assigned to the device. Motion zones are all good (and I’ve even reset them a few times). Motion detection event recording is on. Firmware is up to date. Not sure what else to try.


Welcome to the Forums! Lets see if i can shed some light on some things…

Are you able to post a video example? Is there contrast between the subject and the background? Ex: dark object on a dark background, or light object on a light background. to help with detections you can maybe change the angle of the camera view, add lighting, modify detection zone, etc. Without knowing your use case more, it’s be hard to say specific examples. Is “motion tagging” enabled? if not, enable that for troubleshooting to see what the camera determines is and what is not motion.

Local storage “event recording” works a little different than cloud “event recording” (Camplus). Local storage event recording saves the full minute where a motion event falls (##:00 to ##:59) to the sd card in the camera. No matter how long the motion event is, local storage saves in multiples of one minute. If the motion lasts beyond the top of the next minute, the full next minute will be saved. Whereas, for Camplus, the duration of the detected motion is saved, weither its 15 secs, 25 secs, etc. Local storage does not upload to the cloud. “Cloud” and “local storage” are independent of each other, one does not effect the other and you can utilize one, both, or neither at anytime.

Thank you so much for your time and help.

I’m embarrassed to say that I discovered the issue this morning… My “events” were filtered to only show when a person was detected, and I didn’t realize. All expected video is there, it was just filtered. I can’t believe I spent a few days trying to figure this out and never saw that filter right in front of me. :man_facepalming:

I nevertheless appreciate your response as it was still very educational on the workings of the Wyze Cam.

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Ahhh! The ooollleeeee filter trick eh? :laughing: Glad you got it figured out and happy to help! :slight_smile: