V3 Pro notifications problem

Just like my standard V3s, I record pretty much everything, but I only want to be notified when a person is on camera. Well the V3 Pro, refuses to do that. Instead I’m flooded with notification after notification on everything. Complete motion, vehicle, and yes finally person.

I’ve done everything I can think of, unselect everything, and go back and select each smart ai, and then of course notifications. I’ve even unassigned and assigned each cam plus camera. I have to turn the notifications off, because it gets so aggravating. It’s a shame too, because the standard V3 works so good with only notifying me of a person.

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What version of Firmware is the Cam running and what version of the App do you currently run?

Pros are 3210 and app version is 2.38

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So everything looks up to date.

It’s a long process and a long shot… but try this with the DZ disabled:

  1. Turn off all AI Notification sub-options for the cam (not the main notifications)
  2. Back all the way out to the Home Device List
  3. Go back into notification settings for the cam and turn off Notifications altogether.
  4. Back all the way out to the Home Device List
  5. Go back into Event Detection settings for the cam and turn off all sub-options (not the main detects motion)
  6. Back all the way out to the Home Device List.
  7. Return to the Event Detection and turn off Detects Motion altogether.
  8. Clear the app cache in Account → App Settings
  9. Sign Out in Account
  10. Force close the app
  11. Reboot the phone
  12. Power cycle the cam
  13. Open app, log in, and…
  14. Turn on Detects Motion in Event Recording and select All Motion
  15. Return to the App Home Device List
  16. Turn on any AI Smart Event recording in Event Recording
  17. Return to the App Home Device List
  18. Turn on the main Notifications selection.
  19. Return to the App Home Device List
  20. Turn on any AI specific notifications you want and TURN OFF ALL OTHER MOTION.
  21. Return to the App Home Device List

Run around in front of the cam to test recording and notification. Then create some other type of motion in the field and test if it uploads the events and if it notifies you. Turn DZ back on and retest.

Post back any anomalies. Hope this helps!

So it looks like notifications work if I do select all motion recording, not relying on the smart ai. Crazy, since that was a big selling point of the new pros.

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The feature you are referring to - Event Recording > Record Motion Events > Smart Detection Events - has actually been implemented successfully on multiple cams already. But, this feature is Firmware based, so each cam has its own reaction to that feature.

I am going to test mine and see if I can duplicate the cam behavior. If so, I will get other testers to duplicate it and build a case for reporting it if it is a bug.

In the mean time, to keep it working, leave the Event Recording > Record Motion Events on All Motion Events, turn off All Other Motion in Notifications, and use the Event Filters to hide the untagged Motion Only Events.

I just pushed my V3Pro to Event Recording > Record Motion Events > Smart Detection Events (All Motion Events Off) with Person Smart AI event recording and notifications turned on.

I received all the appropriate Person Event notifications when testing the cam.

I could not reproduce what you are experiencing.

When I do that on all three Pros I get person notifications, but everything else too. Vehicle, person, complete, etc.

In the Event Recording settings, under Smart Detections, turn ALL of them on that you can.

Back out to the Home Device List

Go back into the settings and enter Notifications. Turn OFF any notifications that are on that you do not want, especially the Other Motion Events. Only leave on the notifications you want.

Back out to the Home Device List

Go back into Event Recording, under Smart Detections and turn OFF any AI Smart Events that you do NOT want recorded.

Back out to the Home Device List

Now your Smart AI Event Recording and your Smart AI Notifications should be synced and you should only get notifications for the Smart AI Events that are recorded.

i get the same as Cowboy. Complete motion notifications despite not being selected in the settings.

Run thru the procedures in my post above. When the Notification setting - Other Motion Events is stuck on or is automatically turned on by Motion Events in the Event Recording, you get that Complete Motion notification.

I’ll do it and report back.

I get the notifications by setting all motion recording. I guess I’ll just be happy with it that way. I’ve noticed these cameras are much more finicky than the V2 or even V3.

I tried to reuse the same spot on the window that I’ve had since a V2 was installed. After upgrading to a V3, it was fine too. but at that same spot the V3 Pro wouldn’t even connect to Wi-Fi enough to even watch live. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

I’m still getting complete motion notifications.
I even removed cam plus, restarted, reapplied cam plus THEN did your procedure. It’s still the same.

Can you post a screenshot of your Notifications Settings?

I thought I would come back here to say yesterday and now this morning, no notifications again of people, lol. These cameras are making me pull my hair out! It list people below where it does recognize them, but back to no notifications of the people, lol.

Just wanted confirmation before we troubleshoot this.

You have gone from receiving ALL notifications to receiving no Person Notifications. Or is it just some person notifications?

There was an issue in the past that may still be happening…

I see that Vehicle is able to be selected in your notifications. That means that you are recording Vehicle Events in the Event Recording Smart AI Recording settings.

Is it possible that the events for which you are not receiving Person notifications are actually being tagged Person AND Vehicle?

In the past, any video recorded and tagged with a specified recording AI, but with notifications off for that AI, would not be notified of any Event recorded regardless of any other AI tags for which notifications were on. The “do not notify” setting for the Vehicle AI tag esentially takes priority over the “notify” setting for Person AI tags.

Please check your event history for the notifications you are not receiving to confirm. To test, turn off Vehicle Recording and test Person Notifications.

Sure. Thanks for taking a look.

It was doing okay with notifications after selecting record all motion, and notification on for pet, and person. Yesterday and today, nothing. So I go back and follow the steps, and select the smart ai recording. Then again, only notifications of pet and person, nothing!

Amazing how I haven’t touched the V3 cameras I had since I put them up, they’ve been perfect, but these pros just won’t work for me. I love the features like the video clips below the live feed, but without any notifications of people especially, they are worthless to me.

Change your Event Recording to All Motion Events, back out to Device List, then turn Off Other Motion Events in Notifications and see if that stops the Complete Motion Events.