My v3 stopped detecting motion, not recording events, no notification

wow, this is getting tiring…
have 8 plus subscriptions. some of my v3’s still record person motion and alexa tells me she’s has detected a person from a particular cam.

one particular v3 stopped doing ANYTHING. nothing has changed (well, nothing on MY end).
when i open the app, all my cams are displayed and at the bottom there are buttons for home, events, monitoring, shop & account.
there are no events, even tho i just walked in front of the v3.
if i touch the events icon, it will show me the event of me walking past the camera, but i wouldn’t know it was there without selecting the icon.
if i look through the playback, the motions have been detected but i’ve received no notifications.

i’ve checked the subscription
check the firmware
restarted the cam
checked the network
checked app permissions
i’ve deleted and re-added the alexa routine (if a cam detects a person, alexa says so)


I have reached out to Wyze about this. I have one camera in particular where the notifications are not being sent but Alexa announces it. I have both iOS and Android and both do not notify, so it is not related to one specific app. I do get Notifications periodically but not as consistent as the V2 camera sitting next to it. I am going to provide Wyze with this link as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a pattern for this but have sent Wyze a number of logs which they are diligently working through.

What seems to work occasionally is Clearing the Cache and if you have an Android device, clear the cache from the OS and do a force stop. After I do this, it seems to clear up for a period of time, but it is still sporadic.

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Please do a hard power cycle on that camera, if it still does do a warranty replacement at wyze

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trying a hard reset now…climbing on a ladder :roll_eyes:

So you actually get event clips that show up in the event tab, but don’t get app notifications? Do you get any notifications from any other products through the Wyze app? Can you post a screen shot of your notification settings for that camera and the event tab showing the clip of you wanking by? In this: “there are no events, even tho i just walked in front of the v3. If i touch the events icon, it will show me the event of me walking past the camera”. These contradict eachother, can you explain this more? I am only worried about cloud events, not local storage things and the cloud events are what notifications are triggered from.

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Sounds Ike your not giving permission in your phone app settings,or you have the bell clicked silent, or you have the push notifications turned off

Just an FYI…

There does seem to be an issue with the V3’s where no notification is being provided to iOS and Android, but Alexa will announce. When you look in the events tab, you will see that Alexa was correct and a Person was crossing my driveway, for example. But no Notification to the phones. If I turn on all motion, it will notify but 50/50 chance it will say Person versus Complete Motion. I am working with Wyze on this issue.

I have 2 Camera’s in my garage, a v2 and a v3. Both setup with CamPlus AI only motion. the v2 will notify of a person and the v3 will not. this happens a lot. On occasion it will notify as expected, but not consistently.

Note: this seems to happen to mos of the v3’s but is more apparent from the Garage one I have. To see if the same thing is happening to you and you have an Android Phone, turn on Notification History for a day. Then count how many Person Notifications you received in the History and compare it to the Events Menu for the same camera. Also, make sure you are only notifying on Cam Plus AI and not All Motion. If you notify on all motion, your results will be different.

to be clear, sometimes events show up if i click the events tab - sometimes they don’t. there’s no red dot on the events tab to let me know events occurred.

i can see the motion if i use the playback function.

and no, no notification.

nope - not the issue. other v3s and v2s work fine. see motion, detect motion, record motion, send notification.

Sure sounds like your phone settings

Any filters on in the event tab? Screenshots?

Is your “Detection Zone” turned off as it should be under the “Detection settings” menu?
Detection Zone is useful when you need it. But I left it on once with the wrong area so got nothing like you are.