Help! No notifications on SOME of my V3 cams

I have 13 V3 cameras. The ones I have mounted outdoors on porches will push AI detection notifications to my Android phone via the Wyze app.

My problem is with 3 of the V3 cameras that I have mounted indoors. These cameras detect persons reliably, but WILL NOT push the notifications for these detections, so I never know these events have happened until I decide to look at the app.

The detection, event recording, and notification settings and firmware versions (latest available - beta) on all cameras are identical.

Any suggestions? I have already reset all of the cameras, turned off and then back on all notification, event recording, and detection settings. I even removed the affected cameras from the Cam Plus Unlimited plan and then re-added them after force-stopping the app and clearing the cache. Nothing seems to help. :expressionless:

Any ideas?

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Hi @jh006

I had the same issue happen with a pan cam V2 , what ended up working for me was having to delete the device from the app and adding it as new , then I finally got push notifications of person events


Thanks. I may have to go that route. I was hoping to avoid driving back over there this week again, but I might as well give it a try.

Much appreciated @Rulwiz