No notifications with beta version for the WyzeCam V3

I can’t get notifications on my WyzeCam V3. I have all the correct switches on and have adjusted the sensitivity from 0 to 100. NO person notification, no movement notification and no sound notification. Using app ver. 2.16.24 and cam firmware Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how was it fixed. I have tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Im assuming you checked this but just in case, make sure you go into the camera, then click settings, then Event Recording and make sure “Detects motion” is turned on.

Also check the notifications tab and ensure motion or Wyze AI (if you have it) is turned on. And lastly, if its recording events but just not notifying you about the events, check the little bell symbol at the top right of the home page and make sure its not crossed out, as that will disable notifications.

Yes both have been checked. 2 pans and 3 V2 are working fine. The V3 is set up correctly. Can stand in front and the green tracking brackets follow me. Nothing is shown on the events page from this camera. The replay shows the camera is catching the movement, just not notifing me. I have AI, Motion and Sound on. Detects none for notification. Thanks anyway.

After the 14 day cam plus trial I had a similar issue and unfortunately other then shutting camera off from the ui of that camera, I reverted back firmware, unplugged, and wanted to test its durable. Thankfully the tech gods smiled down upon me after satisfying thier amusement.

Hindsight being that I wouldn’t have let the frustration effected my troubleshooting.

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As of 6 pm eastern time, my WyzeCam V3 started notifing of person, motion and sound. It has been sitting on my table since last night without any notifications. Then, alll of a sudden, it started working. Go figure…

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