V3 Camera does not produce sound notifications

Camera records event videos but does not produce sound alerts/notifications. All three cameras for at least the past three weeks.

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Do you have other cams or devices that are sending notifications?

Have you verified that the App Notifications are toggled on in Account → Notifications - Push Notifications?

Have you verified that the cam notifications are on in the Cam Settings → Notifications Menu?

Have you power cycled the cams?

What app version is installed?

What firmware version is running on the cams?

Also check the Bell Icon on the Home page of the App and make sure there is no line through the bell. It could have accidentally been tapped.

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The Bell in the home page is a shortcut toggle and toggles the same setting in Account → Notifications → Push Notifications.


Firmware is up to date. I have three cameras; all have the same problem. Notifications are on. Firmware up to date. Same problem with or without smart detection. Not sure about app version. I am a Cam + user. Where do I look? Have power cycles the cameras.

In the App go to Account - About. Near the top of the About page should be the App versions.

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Hi. It says V2.40.0(190)

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The firmware versions on your cams may be showing as up to date, however because of the slow rollout release process that is going on with the V3, your firmware version could be at any one of three or four different versions. And, more confusing, the Event Recording and Notification settings available to you to toggle on and off are different depending on the version of the firmware. That is why it is important to post the version number. There have been some significant changes depending on which firmware your cams have.

You can see your firmware versions in Account - Firmware Update.

Check to make sure that your phone is allowing the notifications and they haven’t been moved to silent within the OS or disabled altogether. Long press the Wyze icon, select App Info, select Notifications, verify that “All Wyze Messages” is enabled and that WyzeMessage, General, and Notifications Manager are all toggled on.

Select WyzeMessage. Insure that “Default” is selected and not Silent.

In the past, when notifications stopped working, there were a couple of steps that could get the app, cam, and server realigned. If you have already toggled the settings off, returned to the Home Device menu, exited the app, and then reopened it and toggled the notifications back on without any improvement, you could try this:

  1. Toggle off all Smart Detection AI Notifications for each cam
  2. Toggle off all Cam Notifications for each cam
  3. Toggle off all Event Recording Smart Detection AI Event Recording options for each cam
  4. Toggle off all Event Recording for each cam
  5. Unassign each cam from Cam Plus
  6. Clear the App Cache in Account → App Settings
  7. Sign out of the App in Account
  8. Close the App
  9. For e Close the app by long pressing the icon, selecting App Info and pressing Force Close
  10. Power Cycle all cams
  11. Restart your phone
  12. Log into the App
  13. Reassign all cams to Cam Plus
  14. Toggle on Event Recording for each cam, select either All Events or Motion Events (depending on your firmware version)
  15. Toggle in all Smart AI Detection events you want recorded on each cam (depending again on the version of your firmware)
  16. Toggle on Notifications for each cam
  17. Toggle on the types of Smart AI Event notifications you want for each cam (firmware dependant)
  18. Test all cams with forced AI movement in FOV.

Wow. Thank you for this information!! My firmware version # is I will attempt the tests that you suggest

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You have received the newest firmware rollout. The only thing newer is a Beta Version. With that, you should have all the granular settings in Event Recording and Notifications for the Smart AI toggles.

Hi. Is that worth a try or should I proceed with your other suggestions?

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Even with the firmware you have, it has all the feature menu options that are available and should be returning the notifications. I was on that firmware in both Beta and Production and had no issues with notifications. I am also using the same App version on Android as you.

I wouldn’t go into the Beta program first without starting with the OS settings verification first and then going thru the server subscription reset steps. The Beta testing program brings more possibilities of bugs than the production firmware and can be frustrating for anyone who isn’t fascinated with troubleshooting and issue remediation. It has risks that many users don’t want to volunteer for.

Ok. Thank you very much.

Fyi. I tried all the fixes that you suggested and still no sound.

Since you have verified that all the global app notifications and cam notifications settings within the Wyze app are on, and you are getting the push notifications to the phone, just without sound, and you are getting sound tones for push notifications for other apps, I would suspect an Android Settings issue.

I’m not sure which version or manufacturer build of Android you are using so this may vary slightly based on your brand and version of OS, but you want to verify that the Sound Setting for the WyzeMessage Notification Chanel is not turned off or Snoozed indefinitely.

Disable Snooze to release permanently snoozed locked Notification Channel

  1. Select the Settings icon
  2. Select Apps & Notifications or Notifications
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Option may be hidden under Advanced
  5. Disable Show Snooze option or Allow Notification Snoozing

Turn on Sound for silent Notification Channel:

  1. Long press the Wyze App Icon
  2. Select the “i” for App Info
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Select WyzeMessage (repeat if there are multiple)
  5. Select Advanced if required
  6. Look for Sound. If this shows as None, select it and choose your tone.

If this still doesn’t produce a tone for a Wyze Push Notifications, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the Wyze App.