Two notifications for one event

I’m getting two notifications per event. Is this the way it is supposed to be? One notification should be ok but back to back begins to be to much. Any help would be appreciated

One notification is standard.

Do you also have the Wyze Home Monitoring System?

No I do not. I have cam plus on all devices.

Is one motion and one a smart alert?

That’s a good question. I will have to look carefully next notification. I will let you know

After updating to the latest app version, I’m not getting double notifications anymore. Thanks guys.


i have the latest version still get double notifications, one is with thumbnail the other without

@Nes88 was using iOS. Your profile shows Android.

What app version are you using?

This was occurring to me on v2.38.1 (161). This only happens on v3 pro cameras. v2, v3, outdoor are unaffected. I moved to cam plus trial today and it stopped so it’s something to do with the normal 5 minute cool down notifications. None of the different changes I made for any event notifications fixed it. One shows a thumbnail with a time stamp of say for example, “06:15” and the other shows no thumbnail with the same exact event timing as “6:15”. I may have the time vs thumbnail/no thumbnail callout backwards, like I mentioned I moved onto cam plus trial for different reasons so I don’t have a direct option to check again.

I was testing a V3Pro recently without a subscription and was also getting dual notifications for every motion event. Stopped when I assigned the cam to CamPlus.

Yep that’d confirm it’s definitely related to the 5 minute event notifications. They’re likely set up to show one for the v3 Pro with the large thumbnail and the “non” v3 Pro cams for non-thumbnail event notifications and the code exists to show it for both on the v3 Pros. They need to stick with the v3 Pro one and null out the other. I figured that with the notification showing for “06:15” and “6:15” like it was coded separately but not nullified for the one not expected.

Can’t say for sure why. Not likely that it is related to the cooldown but more like a server glitch in dealing with the subscription.

All cam notifications should have a thumbnail pic regardless of what cam or subscription. The fact that some don’t is proof it isn’t working right.

Someone on reddit 70+ days ago also mentioned this same issue so it seems like an issue since v3 pro cam inception.

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This is happening to me as well (iOS) with all of my new Wyze Cam OG’s, none of them are on a paid subscription. One notification without a preview image, and one with. Only one event showing on the timeline.

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I’m getting double notifications again smh

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I’m getting the same double notifications on a Pan Cam v3.

Just purchased 3 Pan V3’s from Prime Day and all three are pushing double notifications. Started with Chat Support which didn’t lead anywhere so I started Googling and came across several complaints so I’m chiming in on this one since the latest comment was from April. I got double notifications right out of the box after setup. I do not have CamPlus.

Anyone ever get this fixed?

I’m starting to believe this is the way it works . I’ve been getting double notifications for so long it’s become normal to me

For me it just started a couple days ago. But I’m only getting duplicates for my contact (door) sensors and the motion sensors. Not my cameras. The duplicate notification comes at the same exact time and it comes from the same notification channel (WyzeMessage, the exact same one, not the other WyzeMessage). Not sure how to fix it.

Droid, me too! Exact same description.