Double notifications

I get same notifications twice ! How can i fix this?

I can think of at least 3 different situations that may cause this, and they all have different explanations and ways to resolve it. Can you post a screenshot example so we can get an idea of what the cause may be?

If not, are they all EXACTLY the same notification? Or are they a notification for the same thing, but maybe labeled differently (one says motion, one says person; or one says motion and the other says sound), or if they’re exactly the same, do you by chance have more than 1 duplicated Wyze app loaded on your phone in some way? For example, do you have the production Wyze app installed from the App store and maybe a Beta app from Test Flight or something?

What app version are you using and what is the firmware version of the camera doing this?

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I am having the same issue. Only one app installed (Beta Cam V3 Pro FW. Continuous recording with standard motion event notifications turned on, no AI or smart events on.

I’m having the same issue, started this morning sometime. Running the latest non-beta app version and it hasn’t updated since last week, so it isn’t related to app version, and I haven’t made any changes. Tried clearing cache on the app but didn’t help.

Odd, I think it stopped, some weird bug related to February 1st or leap year or something?

Can confirm this bug only happened for me on February 1st. Some weird date related thing. Been getting single notifications since.

Double notifications stopped today.?!
Wyze fix?
Or is it because I change my iphone notifications for Wyze app to automatic grouping?
A mistery….

As I mentioned above it only happened for me on February 1st. Some sort of glitch with the date, or maybe something to do with this being a leap year. I’ve seen glitches with notifications in the past (like the time being off by several hours) which were resolved by reinstalling the app. But this one resolved on its own.

Single notification when App closed and double notification when in App.
What could cause this?

Go into the app settings, my guess is you have both “in app notifications” and “push notifications” enabled?