Solved - Cam V3 - 2 notifications for the same event?

Hi again, I am still getting to grips with my new V3’s and the Cam+ subscription

I am getting 2 notifications for each event a camera picks up, My watch shows “Complete motion detected” and a second one “Smart alert detected”,

Checking the Events tab of the app I see the 2 events listed:-

  • One listed as “Automation” which is always 12 seconds long
  • Another listed as “Person” and the length in seconds, which I assume is a smart alert?

Anyone any idea how to alter my setup to only get the smart alert please? Happy to answer questions if further setup information is needed to help.

iPhone 13 Pro running IOS 15.1 - Cam FW - App version 2.25.21


IMG_0777 copy

Do you have your camera activated by a sensor (motion/contact)? If so and you have the camera using motion detection you will get two alerts.


I am not sure I understand. Can you point me at the places to look please?

For the sensor:

For the camera:

Thanks for the help…

OK, no separate sensor involved, I only have 2 x CAM V3’s.

Do these help at all?


Not really. None of those would be causing the problem. Do you have any rules that trigger a recording?

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Please try turning off either Wyze AI Events or All Other Motion Events and see what happens.

Yea there is some rule, or something triggering a “automation” clip at the same time motion is being triggered for the camplus clip… You can see there is one camplus clip, then the second is the automation.

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Thank you both - I had a rule set up to upload a short video to the cloud when movement detected.

Glad that is now sorted :slight_smile:


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