Smart Detection Recordings Wrong

Today I had about 30 recorded events on one of my V3 cameras and they shouldn’t have even been recorded. The Event Recording is setup for Smart Dectection Events of Person and Pet. But for some reason the camera recorded all motion events, including Vehicle’s and Tree’s Waving. All the recorded events were labeled as Motion. I restarted the camera via the app and it seems to have calmed down now. Anyone else have this issue? The AI isn’t getting better as some have said.

I am not having this issue, but found when in the past, when I did, the All Motion option got checked. However, I do test beta Apps and Firmware and one of those could have changed that for me.

But as of today, I have not seen this issue for sometime now.

All Motions was not checked, that was the first thing I thought might have been the issue but nope it was set to Smart Detection with Person and Pet on.

Ok, just figured something easy to check. I will check around and see if anyone has seen this before as well.

@Resist , would mind providing a Device Log for this? I was asking around and Wyze would like to obtain a log to look into it.

Post it here and I will forward it for you

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Having this issue a lot over the last couple of days,

I don’t have an “All Motion” option to uncheck — only Person, Friendly Faces, Pet, Vehicle and Package.

Getting constant notifications. Seems to be mostly for shadows and sunny spot changes, but also animals (cats) triggering “complete motion” notifications, even though Pet is unchecked.

Please help. Having to turn off notifications completely.

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The All Motion Events option is on the Event Recording page, which if before the Smart Detections page where Person, Friendly Faces, Pet, Vehicle and Packages is.

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All my Event Recordings pages look like this (no “All Motion” option)

Back out of that page to the Event Recording page and under Recording Preferences will be All Events, then below that will be Smart Detection Events. Which one do you have checked? Your settings are for the Cam Pro, I was talking about the V3, so I had to go into my one Cam Pro to understand what you were talking about.

I think it’s happened to me as well, but it was mainly UI issue on the client side. All my smart detection are still correctly assigned on the server side. Sometimes it would say I’m currently on “All Motion Events” in Event Recording, but if I go out and go in again it would select back to “Smart Detection Events”

I think it’s the same thing with the whole 360p and HD recording. Every time I view the camera for live viewing it would say 360p, but it would take 2 to 3 seconds to change to HD. I use that as a indicator before I start navigating the app and change settings. In my experience whenever I’m navigating the app I need to let it load properly first because if you go too fast then it will cause problems.

That is the first page I see when I tap Customize Recordings after tapping Event Recording.

These cameras are OGs, if that makes any difference.

Okay an OG camera, my battery cam pro seems to use the same interface. Either way, don’t tap Customize. , Go to the settings, the upper right gear. Then Event Recording on that page you should have choices for All Events, Smart Detection Events and Customize Detections.