Occasional issue - Event not showing correct event time clip

We have three v2 cams and for the last two weeks we occasionally get an event notification and when we play the event it is not matching the correct time. Example: Event notification at 8:53PM and we go to list of events to play the clip and it is showing us something during the day not at night.

Not sure how to explain it any better and it does not happen on every event so it is not a huge issue but wanted to mention the quirk in case it was important to developers. We at least can look at the event time and go back to view playback to see what actually occurred.

There is a date/time stamp on the Event notice, there is a date/time stamp on the video in the event (12 sec video), then there is the SD card playback. If I understand you correctly, the time from the Event notice doesn’t match the video (12 sec) that is in the event notice?

Question: Are you doing continuous record or events only? Did you confirm something triggered the 8:53PM notice? You said you ‘can’ look, didn’t know if you got a solid confirmation.

We use detects motion (all day) with continuous recording on SD card. Not tech savy here so doing my best to explain.

The event notice pops up and we click the notice and it automatically takes us to the 12 sec video. Tonight the motion triggered an event at 6:35PM and when we played the event it was showing a clip from the daytime. When we went to the camera to view playback from SD it showed a bug tripped the motion at 6:35PM. Looking at earlier events we noticed the one it was playing was from 12:29PM.

Now that we went back to review events to answer your questions…the event has corrected itself and showing the correct clip for the correct time. Like I said it is quirky. :slight_smile:

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This may help. Item three on the list.

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