Event recording is a copy of yesterday's event

Possible bug. Has anyone else encountered this? An event from today is a copy of yesterday’s event. The time is correct but it’s just a copy. I only had one event yesterday and this was the first today.

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I’ve had similar things happen lately. I click on a notice for my side drive camera and an older front drive video plays. Heading on the page is the side drive, but it’s the wrong video. Did you see this from clicking on the push notice or from the Events page?

If you exit the app, go to Events and click the event is it still the wrong one?

Yes, it’s from the events page. I exited and tried it several times. I should add that I only have 1 camera in use.

Sounds buggy to me. While you’re at it, add phone OS and version, camera type and firmware version. I am: iOS 12.1, App v 2.0,18, firmware v. on WyzeCam2. I stick it in my profile so I can cut and paste. I suspect you’ll be asked to open a trouble report.

You exited the app and it’s still an issue. I usually reboot my phone when strange stuff happens, just to make sure. So basically, you have two events, one from yesterday and one today and they both have the same video?

I’d say open a ticket. In the app, go to My Account => Help & Feedback => Report an Issue.

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I have experienced this today as well, and my problem is a little worse.

The reported event video is from a different day than reported and the time stamp doesn’t match the event notification reported. I’m 100% sure the video reported is from another day and time because I viewed my SD recording and shows the real recording for the reported event from the new Wyze 2.0 app.

Also the event video shows the wrong camera label than what I have set it as. It shows as the name of my other camera. But in the main dashboard window it is correct.

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I think it would be helpful to have a KNOWN BUG section or some way to tag a thread and drop it into a bug category. This mismatch of events and videos has been reported several times.

This would allow users to know it’s already on the radar and possibly give us some updates on status. Occurrences could be consolidated to better aid in resolution.

Hey new Wyze user here just got my camera last night and I have been having this issue out of the box. Certain events just seemed to be duplicated for different times. I was expecting Moreno people to have this issue.

This happened to me today. Event notification on app said 2:30pm front of house, When you click on it, it showed our stairway camera with someone walking down. We thought it was just wrong cam but right time. We were out eating, wr called 911 and headed back home asap. Five police cars were there, then we realized time was three hours earlier and person was one of us (it was dark) Anyway now I know to check actual footage timestamp first on lower rightside before calling the police. At least now I know they can be there within 3-4 minutes when we call.

So there is not an official response from an employee from wyze about this yet?

I have had the same issue.

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Is there a solution to this issue? One of my camera has a similar issue where no matter what date and time of the event, it plays back the same video clip from 2 weeks ago. I even formatted the sd card and still the same clip plays back.