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Okay. I am now having the worst problems with my event recording. Since this new upgrade, I have missed so much. It is now 12:15 pm and it says I have not received any sort of events since 4 am! Really?! Then at 4 am it shows I had a 5 min video recorded due to motion but on 17 seconds recorded. I saw where they stated you should go back to your ‘view’ bar but two of my cameras do not have sd cards and can’t do this. This is also why I pay for the cmc so that it will be stored. Not anywhere. All my videos are not staying on tact when they see motion or a person anymore. Some will last 10 secs while others 2 min. All with the same amount of movement.

We need to get this together Wyze!! Either that or it’s time to move on. Y’all have been dealing with this for over a year and same issues. They just seem to be getting worse. Not better. Not a good way to go.
Hell, this morning I was correcting my dog from the app to camera. Not one second recorded. Smh.
I am surely not going to upgrade all 5 of my cameras until this gets fixed.
Either we fix this and at least get getter not worse or my next purchase will be to another company

Oh and for the record, one of the cameras, the reason it doesn’t have a SD card is because it overheated (no idea how) and literally burnt up the card and slot. Doesn’t work anymore. I sent numerous messages about thus without any response.

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Oh, golly. We’re sorry to hear about all of this! Is this all happening with one camera or are you describing these issues across multiple devices?

How recently did you send in the support tickets about the heat event? Do you have those support ticket numbers? I’d like to look into this.

You may want to try calling tomorrow for a more immediate response though you definitely should have received one for your prior tickets.


I had a similar problem: after upgrading my WyzeCam pan to the latest firmware, the only motion events captured were in bright light and close to the camera. Panning the camera or switching night mode on also triggered an event capture. I downgraded back to the previous firmware and events were captured once again. I tried to online chat with support but never heard back after being asked to leave an email address. The support ticket is 702658

hi, i have lots of cameras and since 18th August i have NO events, on the App despite much activity. I have not changed any setting and used App V2.12.35 since 20th and previous version prior, so with 2 versions there are no events! Any ideas? All motion detection is still on, all day and all are running PD pilot. All cameras are up to date and (pan cam). I’ve logged in and out of app (Android)


I’ve just realised only 1 camera has events from 12 August, all other cameras stopped on 11 August! All camera stopped events from 18th August

I am having similar experiences—motion and person detection have not been reliable, and I would peg that to a recent update. I submitted logs from the cameras and hope that helps. My camera used to record every car that came down our street. Yesterday it recorded nothing the whole day. Sounds like others are reporting similar issues within the past week or two.

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I have finally solved my ‘no events’ problem. If i define a settings/detection settings/ detetction zone it starts recording events again! It appears the default ‘off’ i.e. no detection zone - that i assume used to record any motion in the view has got changed along the way!
So go into each camera - I have many and turn on detection zone and drag mask to the area you want to cover.
I’m on latest firmware.

I will give that a try. Thanks.

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I haven’t been getting any notifications on my pan cam in days. Tried everything and still nothing. Any other ideas?

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@telescope how did you downgrade to the previous firmware?

I followed the instructions to manually flash the firmware:

I did a chat with support and they recommended I reset each camera to the factory settings by holding the setup button for 10 seconds. That worked for me. Did not change firmware.

One of my Wyzecams (V2) is watching my front porch, specifically for people. I’m still getting event recordings and notifications, but where the 12 second event recordings from earlier versions of the software would start several seconds BEFORE the actual event -and I could view the people as they approached and came up onto the porch - the recordings created by the current software only start at the event itself. As a result I now get nothing but event recordings of people AFTER they’ve left; I see 12 seconds of their backs as they walk off into the distance. Not at all useful.