Events not recording?

All of a sudden events are not showing up on one of my Wyze cams. I have 5 total and it is working on all but 1. No settings were changed. Worked several hours ago but when I go into events nothing for that camera. If I go to playback all video is there so it is recording. Even tried changing sensitivity but still doesn’t pick up person. This is super frustrating!

Please double check that you don’t have a filter set when viewing the events. Some have reported a filter was applied without there knowledge.

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Have you tried power cycling the camera that is having issues?

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I did check and there is no filter set. Still no person.

Yes, did that and getting motion now, but no person detected.

In the app, under “Account” does it show your plus account is active?

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So you are getting motion event videos, but they arn’t getting tagged as person videos in the event tab? Like @shifty189 mentioned, do you use camplus? Or are you a legacy PD user? Are which ever you use enabled in services? Can you post screen shots of the detection and event recording settings for that camera? (Easier than typing out and maybe fresh eyes will see something that is a miss.)

Yes I have Cam Plus. It was working correctly this miring and all of a sudden is not tagging person on the kitchen cam. All others ok. I have total, all same settings.


Have you tried to deactivate Cam Plus on the kitchen cam. Then power cycle that cam and afterwards reactivate the Cam Plus? If not, it’s something you can try.

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Thank you…yes, just did that and it is working again. I appreciate your help.


You’re welcome and glad to hear!