Issue with Playback - wrong time

Recently (a few days), when I select “Playback” on any of my V3 cams when reviewing event clips taken I have an issue:
When selecting “Playback” after watching a video in my events taken (say several hours ago) I am taken to a time not even close to the actual time of that event. This is happening on ALL of my cameras. In every case it’s taking me to the same time about 15 min before current time (all cameras, all events).
Was working great until a few days ago. (Taking me back to actual time of event).
Any ideas why this started happening my friends ?..tlhutch4


It appears to be a bug in the IOS version of the latest App 2.43. Android version works as it should.

Yes here also, on iOS. I came here looking for this.

WYZE said they know about the issue and are working on it .

Playback is useless until fixed by Wyze



It appears we have a new app update released today…

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Already watching the thread and waiting for the Android drop.

I was just told by Jason they are still working on that issue (SD Playback from Events ) for next update after this one.

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What’s the status on SD playback from EVENTS ? Thought there was a fix released but don’t see it…

They are going to do the fix for SD playback from events next update. I asked yesterday and that is what Jason posted. They are working on it.

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This issue brings to mind the Hippocratic Oath that Doctors have:

“I will do no harm”

To me, it applies here, but not to programmers for sure, since they apparently do not have such an oath. To my limited knowledge we did NOT have an issue with Playback going to Wrong time on events until a recent update and now we are stuck with it until the fix gets worked in and hopefully does not cause any OTHER HARM.

Not trying to offend our hard working programmers, but other issues like this have occurred in the past. This leads me to wonder about how thoroughly new updates are tested before Release.


@StevenA @peepeep @Antonius @umakemyheadhurt

Just wondering if there is any update on Status of this fix that’s “in the works”. Maybe I’m the only one who is clamoring for this fix, but it is very important to me. Thanks, tlhutch4
Also, who are the raccoon’s ?

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These guys love the cameras:


Looks like this is fixed in the most recent Beta Apps
Android: 2.44.0.b317
iOS: 2.44.0(4).

Check out the first 4 posts on this thread.

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I have also been having this issue on my IOS devices and figured it was related to an update some where. it is annoying when you try to attempt to go back even a few days and the playback starts at the current date. I hope this will be fixed soon. I really like the cameras. I even went as far as upgrading the memory cards hoping it would fix it.


Any further updates on timing for release of this Software update ?

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