Playback jumps to current time

I need to playback one day ago to discover the culprit entering without permission.
When I go to the camera, to Playback what ever I do to move along with playback time line 12 hours previous when I playback that moment from yesterday the playback jumps to current time. I cannot get playback to playback in any area chosen. I pulled the sd card from the camera to access the information however it would be useful if playback played back from any point on the playback timeline.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @ambcsc.archives! Short to hear you are having problems.
More info would help us assist you:
-What model cam are you referring to - V2 or Pan Cam
-What Platform - Android or IOS
-What Device are you using
-What version of the Wyze App
-What version of your cam s Firmware are you using
-What type and size of SD card do you have

What model cam are you referring to - V2 or Pan Cam ---------------- v2
-What Platform - Android or IOS------------------------------========= androis
-What Device are you using===================== smartphone, bluestack; kindle
-What version of the Wyze App---------------------------------------------- current
-What version of your cam s Firmware are you using------------------current as via upgrade on all v2 cameras
-What type and size of SD card do you have ------------------------- wyze

I did figure out the playback issue. That is done.

What I need is for all my five cameras to be associated and linked to my wyze account:

“We were unable to detect a compatible device connected to your Wyze account. Complete Motion Capture is compatible with Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan only. If you have one or more of these devices connected to your account and need assistance, please contact us”

When I log in I see one purchase though I have made several purchases / 2 orders for cameras v2 five in total / 2 orders for wyze sd cards.

When I go to ‘free cloud storage’ and click to start it says I need to “unable to detect a compatible device connected to your Wyze account” It was a couple weeks ago I did a free 14 subscription on one of the cameras. And at that time I filled out a info from for to pay in full for a standard subscription. Anyway I need to setup two cameras for the paid subscription, $1.47 ?

If I do have cloud storage (don’t know now) or if I will be subscribing to paid cloud storage - in that eventuality how do I access the material stored on the cloud.

Thanks for your attentions, and patience.


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I found this on the device with respect to subscription.

Where do I locate this within my wyze account? And how do I add another camera, another subscription?


Glad you solved your playback issue! The errors you are getting With your account are something I’m not familiar with, so I’m going to tag in the @moderators who have the ability to move you to the chain of support if needed. The info you provided will be a great help. Just to be sure, you say most current app - could you provide the app version numbers?(Account/About)


Thanks for tagging us, @tomp. @ambcsc.archives, please go to, and select “SERVICES” at the top of that web page. It will take you to where you can add/modify the CMC service. :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me what the solution for the playback issue was? My app is doing the same thing and it’s almost unbearable.