Cam Pan v3 event playback not jumping to correct time

I have two Wyze Cam Pan v3 cameras. No Cam Plus subscription, and they don’t offer Cam Plus Lite. So when there’s a motion event I get a snapshot. That’s fine, particularly because pressing “Playback” in the app when viewing the event is supposed to take you to the same time as the event in the playback timeline. (I have a 32 GB SD card in each camera.) That used to work but now it doesn’t. It jumps to a time very close to the present time. Sure, I can find the event in the playback, but the point is that it used to jump to the event time but now it doesn’t. Something changed, perhaps in the latest firmware update.

I have rebooted and power-cycled the cameras, and reformatted the SD cards. It still doesn’t work correctly.