More Playback issues

Perhaps something from Wyze can explain why, when viewing with the payback feature, the time stamp on the camera doesn’t match up with the actual viewing time? Anyone?

In the image below, the playback feature is running (time is moving and the indicator is increasing), and the time is ~0943, but the camera time stamp is 1010?

This Playback feature is useless. Can’t someone take the time to get our working as advertised?

Looks to me that it is highlighting a recorded event from a previous time.

What? I don’t understand what you’re saying. The playback time in the blue/green and the time stamp should be the same value.

If I pull up the playback on one of my cams in the Wyze app, my timeline is showing the correct time. By the way, have you synced the time on your camera?
To place the timeline at the current time, swipe the timeline to the left. Why it does not automatically calibrate itself to the exact time, I don’t know.

I can tell you with certainty that the blue/green segment is indicating a recorded event. The segments will appear according to your settings in the record mode and detection mode. If you turn all of those settings off, then there will not be any blue/green segments.

I’m well aware how to use the cameras. I’ve had them for almost a year, and the Playback feature has never worked as advertised.

Hmm , checked 3 cams one with CMC , I’m not seeing that , mine matches right up

It’s not consistent for me. Same camera, try it once, it’s messed up, try it later, it works, a third time, it’s messed up again.

I mean, this whole Playback feature is FUBAR. Half the time it just won’t work - even when I’m home on the very samy wifi as the cameras.

I hate when people “threaten” to stop using a company because some small service isn’t working perfectly, but I’m about done with Wyze at this point. They can’t seem to fix anything that they’ve advertized (like the terrible panning of the Pan Cam???), but oh boy, there’s a new product every other week.

I hear ya
I don’t usually pay attention to weather the times match up , problem I keep running into sometimes is when I tap on playback the camera disconnects then ,I have trouble even going back to live view when initially I had no problem with the camera connecting in live view

Yes… many, many problems. And silence from Wyze.

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