Playback Issues - Video Not Syncing/Lagging To Selected Time

Playback as several issues. The selected time does not correlate to the video time stamp. Changing the playback time takes a very long time or not at all. Video skips or completely stops. Video seems to run non-real time. Restarting the app or the phone might help but not much as things quickly revert back to the video not syncing or changing to a selected time.

@LouN Have you tried to sync the time? If not, you can go to the camera settings (Gear Icon) top right, select “Advance Settings” then “Sync Time” at the bottom.

I’m a long time user of Wyze and I haven’t changed the settings. The problem is that the video playback lags (or in other cases doesn’t respond at all) to the playback controls. Something happened with the latest releases that are causing this problem. It happens on my phone and also under BlueStacks on my desktop.

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I tried everything. The time skips every other second or 2.

Do you have an older Android phone? Sounds like maybe the recent loss of hardware acceleration on Android devices is affecting you.

How far off is it? Seems like I remember the time not correlating when I was visiting my sister in another state, and looking back at my home cams. But then it was an even number of hours off, I think. I was going to write that up, as there have been other time-related playback complaints in the forums.

@Newshound: Thank you for attempting to help. It occurs both on my phone and my desktop (through emulator) and is a recent occurrence. It takes minutes (and sometimes never) for the playback video to sync back to a new selected time. I have good Internet connection. This is now occurring again when I actually need it. It now takes longer than real-time (way longer) to view playback data considering I have to wait for a while for the playback video to sync to the new time.

Come on Wyze: if you don’t open up access to OUR data (other than physically) you need to support reliable and convenient access. This includes playback and data capture at other than real time speeds (and it should work to!).

@timnfishhead333: I’ve seen this too just today.

You didn’t say what kind of phone you have, but I don’t think you seeing the problem on your desktop emulator eliminates the possibility that this is tied to the recent loss of Android hardware acceleration. I don’t know how the emulation software would handle that. The loss of hardware acceleration is recent, within the past 2 weeks or so.

You also didn’t mention how big of a miscorrelation you are seeing with the time stamp. Or does it just take a long time to correlate? Again, could be the loss of hardware acceleration.

As forum moderator maven, you should know that the kind of phone is specified when someone originates a post and is shown listed under the topic.

It’s possible that this problem is related to the loss of hardware acceleration-I’m not ruling it out.

I also described the problem related to syncing and lag well enough. When I select playback and change the time it takes a variable amount of time (minutes) for the video to sync with the new selected time and sometimes never (I give up and exit rather than waiting). There have been other issues. I’m sure Wyze knows about them as they tend to do don’t tell anybody about them and their support sucks so I post here.

I’m not a moderator, I’m just a user like yourself. This is a user-to-user community.

I have this exact problem and need it fixed!!! If it is the camera I can return it. I have a new android phone