Missing date & time stamp on "View Playback"?

With the latest update (40) ??
The “View Playback” has a clean look to it.

The time bar is still there, but the date and actual time of the event are missing.

Is it just me or was this an item set for deletion ?

I like the clean look, but miss the precise time, of the event that you’re looking at.

I’m using the same app version on IOS

The date and time are their when I view the playback, go to the settings >advanced settings > and check if the time stamp is toggled on.

I’ve noticed that after an app update, some stuff will be toggled off /on.

I have android phones.
But I will, try it again, on both phones. Just to make sure.

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Do you have a screenshot of this occurring? Always helps when explaining what something looks like to include a screenshot or a picture of what you are seeing.

Is your camera view zoomed in too much where the time code is just outside of the zoom?

I have Android 13 and Wyze Android App v2.40 (190) and I have Date and Time Stamps on both SD card playback and cloud Event videos. I do have it toggled on in Advanced Settings.

Happy to say, it seems to have snapped back into the jumble of old.
I am learning fast, that I need screenshots.
I will screenshot b4 posting again in the future.



Just remember a “picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million words”. More the better. Thanks! :slight_smile: