Not receiving notifications immediately

I just recently got my little box camera and have it all set up. What could be the reason that I do not get notifications immediately?

I may get the anywhere from 20-40 minutes later than the actual movement was made.

Any help appreciated–thank you


Welcome to the club …
Notice this happening to my new Android phone for a year now.
But on my old Android tablet the notification are on time.
It’s a Wyze on going issues that they know about…and never resolved yet far as I know…

I have the same thing going on with my newer Android device but does not happen on my older one. WYZE has been looking into it, I (personal opinion) feel it is possibly an Android issue int the newer versions of Android with a ‘doze’ function that is built into Android and does not work properly. I have the issue with many different notifications including GMail. If you search the various threads here about this issue you will see more about it.


It’s definitely a doze/android issue, after disabling, my notifications are immediate.


I try this on my phone and notification is still not coming in quick…still need to have unlock screen for it to come in fast.

Android 9

  1. Go to Android Settings
  2. Go to the General tab
  3. Go to Battery
  4. Select Power Saving Exclusions
  5. Make sure that Locale is excluded (also exclude any Locale plug-ins)

That won’t cut it, see this thread, check the more recent posts discussing using the adb command.