Android notification

I get cam notification in 5 minutes after motion is triggered in pixel 2. Is there a way to fix it? I tried
Push Notifications Fixer, battery optimization is off but didn’t work. Is that Google cloud service problem or Wyze?

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I think he might be talking about push notification delays where it should be within seconds… This happens sometimes on my pixel 3a as well. Sometimes I get all the notifications at once when I unlock my phone too. Not sure what the problem is though.


You’re probably right. Hopefully we will get some clarification from their reply. It could be the phone delaying the notifications. My notifications come through in about 3 seconds on my LG.

Ya. I am talking about push notification delays. If notification sync work on other devices that means it is my android problem. Is this thing happen in other phone except Google.

The notifications have been frustratingly slow for me as well. They average 5-8 minutes, which is worthless in my opinion. I have other “smart devices” and cameras, they are always notifying within 10 seconds or less, so I know it’s not on my end…

there’s a few threads on this issue. It’s still unclear if this is a Wyze issue or a Android issue but until it’s fixed, I’ve been using the adb command and notifications are near instant now.

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