CAM Plus notification time

“How come it can take quite a while to get notified of an event. I timed one and it took 14 minutes before I received a notification. I thought with cam plus the response was supposed to be quicker.”

Cam plus= No cool down time.
If you are using android phone turn off doze mode that could help you get notification faster.

Need more information. What type of device are you using the Wyze app on? Android perhaps? What version of the Wyze app? Do you get the notification after you unlock your phone?

The more information you provide the better so the community here knows what your working with, to be able to give better help and advice. Thanks in advance!

Using an Android phone - moto g stylus, App version is 2.16.23 and the camera and base station are up to date, This happens whether the phone is unlocked or locked. Sometimes it works as it is supposed to. I also have another brand of cameras and I receive the notifications normally.

There is a known issue with Android phones (I am using Android also) where the phone will go into a ‘doze’ mode and keep notification from coming through. Mine seems to hold back many notifications not just Wyze, yet some get through so I am not sure what they need to do on the programming side. There is a way to disable or turn off the ‘doze’ mode in the phone but it required hooking to a computer and running an ADB shell command. This command has to be run every time you reboot the phone. When running this command I would get notifications very quickly, I quit doing it because I got tired of running the command every single time I rebooted.

Thank you for the information. With my version of Android I can turn off battery optimization for individual apps. I turned it off for the wyze app and I’ll see how it goes.

The battery optimization settings are different than the ‘doze’ command I am talking about. I have used the shell command on both Android 10 and 11. I have never had luck changing the optimization settings.

So far I have seen an improvement using the battery optimization and Android 10. Hopefully it will continue.

I ended up discontinuing my Cam-Plus subscription as the battery optimization didn’t really fix the delay problem.