What causes the delay in getting notifications with Wyze cams?

11/5/19 at 7:00 am PST my v2 Cam notifications showing up 10 minutes after the fact. Why?

Please don’t say my wifi connections is weak (its not), please don’t say reset my stuff (v2, app, router, etc.)

Appears to me its a Wyze server delay. Wyze must have some stats on their server “availability/notifications response time”. What can we reasonably expect from Wyze in terms of notification timing just from the Wyze server part of the notification process?

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On my iPhone notifications from Wyze for events are usually within 15 seconds of the event. On my Android tablet however they can be hours later it seems to depend on a setting on how Android handles ‘background’ tasks.

Also on my iPhone I use Do Not Disturb at night which suppresses ALL notifications until DND is turned off. Android has a similar feature.

I only run Android and for the post part I get notifications in under 15 seconds, the best you can expect from a cam is 12 or 13 seconds because the notification comes from the ‘cloud’ and the 'cloud does not know you have had an event until the video uploads. It may not be your wifi or needing reset of stuff since there are many variables but I would not rule those things out unless you have tried those things. Have you opened a support ticket with Wyze?

Still waiting on response from wyze for this