Extremely long notification lag

I have a total of 3 Wyze cams, 2 in one house, 1 in another. Different brands of modems and routers. Phone is Samsung Note 4. ALL of the cameras have the same serious problem- multi-minute notification lags. You might think “phone” but other brand cams don’t seem to do this. The notifications are so late as to be useless.
I have seen threads that report small delays, but nothing like this.
I have the latest firmware installed. Motion detection seems normal with clips appearing in a timely fashion, just no audible alerts.
Thanks for your ideas!

I would first go to the support page and do all of the troubleshooting that is available.


If nothing there works then I would submit a support ticket

I have found an incorrect phone setting. Also I am now trying IFTTT which seems to work perfectly, so no need to carry this thread further at this time.
Is there any way to delete a thread?

@frank1492 If you wish to delete your posts, you can click on the three (…) at the bottom of your post and tap the trash icon and it will remove the post.


Delayed notifications has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now , see here.

BTW , using IFTTT is not a solution but merely a work around

You can also use the solved. button that will essentially end it. And since Wyze does track solved issues I personally would appreciate if you would mark it solved by me

I am having the very same problems with my Wyze cam notifications can you please share what you did to fix it. I have an android and IFTT also.



This had been happening to me for months before I finally contacted wyze support.
My solution:
1 - Synced the time on everything. (For cameras go to live stream → settings → advanced settings → sync time)
2 - On my phone, logged out of my account, and then logged back in. (account → scroll to the bottom → sign out)


The cameras have become useless in that the notification happens so long after the event that the person is already gone. I have three cameras and one has the paid service. Notifications delay is so disappointing that the cameras have no use

What type of notifications are you getting, and how long are they taking?

I have a total of 24 cams and notifications are quick, the longest wait time to notifications is 8 seconds,