Notification problems

Does anyone else have issues getting notifications using iOS? I wasn’t getting any at first, then all of the sudden, i got 2, when it should have been about 7.

I’m Android OS but ,I have been getting Sound notifications late , Sometimes 5,10, 15 even 30 minutes late, Sometimes All of a sudden I will get 6 or 7 sound alerts right in a row, And sometimes I get a whole bunch in a row as soon as I push the button on the phone to turn the screen on .

All The video clips are there, I’m just not getting the sound alerts Coming Through like they used to Come 3 to 5 seconds after motion was detected


I am having the same notification problems on my Android phone (Moto G4 Play). No response from Wyse. Can’t keep cameras if this cannot be resolved.

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Are Your issues the same as what I described ?

One of the issues I am having is that notifications sometimes take a minute to alert me on my Android phone and other times it can be up to 8-10 minutes. Also, sometimes I have to “wake up” display on the phone before I receive notification of motion detected.


Initially i wasn’t getting any notifications at all, and I never did receive the first 10 or so after setting up and testing the cam. Today, I seem to be getting them. This is an easy thing to fix on Wyze’s part, it is not the fault of the camera, but the app itself. Pretty sad that they are not on top of it as it would make a flawed camera, otherwise perfect for the money they are charging for it.

I will try contacting them again to see if they can resolve the issue. What did they do to fix things?

This is a new problem I’m not sure they are aware of yet, I will send some logs so maybe they can sort it out .

Once today when I Pushed the button to wake up the display ,I got 4 alerts in a row one was an hour old

Today at 2pm, I had 2 alerts come in After I pushed the button Wake up the display ,one Alert was at 1:03 PM , The other was at 1:43 PM .

I sent in feedback this is the ticket number , 116517

I continue to have that similar issue. Other times I get an alert within a minute. Very frustrating. If you get any answers, please let us know.

Wyze Cam has tried to help me figure out why notifications sometimes take up to 15 minutes to alert my Moto phone on Verizon cellular and Specgtrum internet. Unfortunately, there has been no resolution. One thing I have found though, if I do not allow my display to go to “sleep”, I receive my motion alerts WITHIN 60 SECONDS -ALWAYS! But, if my phone’s display goes to standby, it takes from between 2-15 minutes, whether I am on wifi or Verizon data. If anyone can get this figured out, I would be most appreciative.



I have reported similar issues to Wyze. They have looked into it, but zero resolution.


I haven’t heard back Anything back about the ticket I sent Yet.

I’m still having the same Problem ,Although it seems a little better .

My wyze cam Notifications are the only ones doing this ,My blink cams And message Notifications come Through quickly As normal

Removing and reinstalling the app doesn’t Help

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Mine have been perfect since my 2nd day. For whatever reason they took a while to get going, but once they did, its been flawless. Great little cam!

It is almost a year after the first post and I am still having this same problem. Is anyone working to solve this problem.

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It’s possible this might have something more to do with the Internet than the cameras or the App.
It’s possible Event Videos have to make their way up to the Cloud before you get the notification.

I have a good DSL Internet connection and rock solid wifi.

After I trigger a camera and it takes a video it will sometimes take around 30 seconds to a minute plus before I get the notification on my Apple Watch or phone.

That said, I also think the Wyze App is buggy and sometimes just doesn’t retrieve all the Cloud stored Events soon after they happen.

You would think that when the camera is triggered it would send an immediate notification, but since there is also now a thumbnail of the video it has to get it from the Cloud.

I get your thinking but ,That Doesn’t have anything to do with it, This is been on going since September 2018

This is definitely a problem with android products my iPad gets the notifications right away but my android phone can’t have those delays of 5 to 15 minutes later .

It probably is a problem with Android , All my devices are Android and I have the problem on all of them

I get notifications very quickly and haven’t had any issues that many speak of. and i’m using android.