No more Notification Alerts (Motion or Sound) on our Samsung S7 phones

We no longer get notification alerts on our phones. Neither does my wife but when we go into the App, we do see the notification videos. This started about a week and half ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success.

Unlikely, but do either of you have in-app notifications turned off? (Notifications-Gear icon-Push notification)

Great question. I checked but no.

Any progress on this?
I just received my cameras today, and I have a similar (LG v20) issue.

The motion detection does trigger and record videos, but I do not receive notifications.
I have notifications enabled and have given the application access to do pretty much anything with my phone.

Same problem. The cameras sense and record the motion but won’t send me notifications when it happens.

Same issue still. I did get an email from Wyze support acknowledging there is an issue.


Thanks for contacting Wyze!


Our development team is actively working on the next app update that should be coming out in the near future. This update is expected to fix the rest of the push notification issues. Keep your eyes peeled over the next week or so! This update is taking a little bit longer than normal because the developers are actively fixing every bug that they’ve been able to find up until this point.


If you’d like this update sooner, feel free to sign up for our Beta program here! This update has just been pushed to our Beta program. You’ll get your notifications back and you’ll be able to give us feedback on our bug fixes.


Thank you so much for your patience with this issue. We really appreciate it!

Same Problem here please fix for my S8 iPhone